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    White deer JV 42 Lefors 27
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    Prayers for Mike and Family

    AMEN - prayers from White Deer and West Texas.
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    Testing the Toy

    When a team wins by more than 45, and since the toy only predicts up to a 45 point win, do you take the "hit" for inaccuracy for someone blowing out a team 70-0? It's tough to predict how badly a team will get beat and how much coaches will continue to pour it on after the 45 pt. threshold has...
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    Best of Week 4 March ups

    Probably best with all the distractions. Not much of a "bye" with everything going on.
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    Testing the Toy

    What does the accuracy regression look like? And when you say 85%, is that just picking winners, or closely approximating the score/spread? I know that it definitely gets better as the season goes on, and when you've only got 6 young men on the field, things can change for teams drastically...
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    Testing the Toy

    FINALLY, the truth comes out. :D
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    UIL State Executive Committee to Meet (Richland Springs)

    And let one of the only things 1/2 the people on this forum like to debate and defend. NEVER!!!!! Lol
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    UIL State Executive Committee to Meet (Richland Springs)

    Unless the school has a t-shirt maker in the home ec department, I don't think ANY school makes t-shirts. They're all made by an outside person......
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    UIL State Executive Committee to Meet (Richland Springs)

    Ok, in all deference to RS, they've got a coach that has led them to multiple state titles. And as a small rural community, you stand by your people. They all didn't ask about how (as I'm sure by this point they just assume it's that way every where), they just appreciated the product. It's...
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    UIL State Executive Committee to Meet (Richland Springs)

    Let's hope that's not the case and the UIL actually tries to shut this type of activity down. I am sure the eyes will be all over RS going forward, so it may not even be fun to be involved as AD. Burkhardt from what I can gather, lives for football and RS. This is going to be a tough pill for...
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    Whiteface vs Valley

    It's all good.
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    Whiteface vs Valley

    Why, because I support a certain team?
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    Thanks Mike. Hope all is well on the home front.
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    UIL State Executive Committee to Meet (Richland Springs)

    You're enjoying this waaaayyyyy too much. LOL
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    UIL State Executive Committee to Meet (Richland Springs)

    Probably won't be the same. After this, I am sure they will be under a microscope. One slip up and the hammer will come down. On another note, I'm glad they didn't penalize the players that are still on that team for something the coach did. That's one of the hardest parts of all of these...
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    Whiteface vs Valley

    Ever wonder why he’s been so many places in a short time?????
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    White Deer 38 Groom 36
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    Correction: Nazareth 33 White Deer 24
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    Record broke

    For those that have not heard, Christian Oseguera (WD) kicked a 53 yard field goal last night in White Deer’s loss to Spur 75-51. Based on Leaman’s record books, this beat the previous long from 1987 by 6 yards. He is a thrill to watch and above that, an amazing young man...
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    Lone Star Football

    And we are so glad that you do what you do Granger.