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    Best times 2014

    Blue Bird, when I ran track at Rochelle, most of the guys they timed with a stopwatch. They times me with a calendar. On the mile run they sometimes had to have to flip the monthly calendar sheet when I finished ...
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    Is SixMan Football Real Football?

    Smokey, funny you should say that, we have a guy on our team, from Utah, who has never tried Catfish, I've got two more weeks to convince him to at least try a bite.
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    Is SixMan Football Real Football?

    I'm traveling on company business in Mississippi and am running into the same arguments that I ran into when I moved to Georgia 18 years ago. When I discuss six-man football (takes hat off for a moment of reverence) I get the same comments. It aint real, how many you guys move into the college...
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    20 Reasons why women live longer than men.

    I thought the sparks on the unidentified compressed gas tanks wuz a good one.
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    Furniture for the gun lover

    Bullet proof cushions with carry straps, so they can be used on the fly as a shield
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    New Phone Scam

    Gulfstream's Risk Management office has been notified by AT&T of a new telephone scam. The scammers will call at odd hours so it's unlikely someone will answer the phone. That allows the scammers to leave an automated message requesting you call them back, or that you will see a "missed" call...
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    Ice Damages

    Atlanta is 3.5 hours from Savannah
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    Ice Damages

    All of my family in Texas (east and central) is reporting bad weather. It snowed in Atlanta yesterday, we're scheduled for 77 degrees today, my family was not amused...
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    Congratulations Toby Goodwin, Ira Bulldogs

    OBK trying to squeeze the 8-man game back in...
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    Frito Pie in the News

    I had one recently at ATT Stadium 9/25/13 after a VIP Tour of the Dallas Cowboys stadium. Jerry charges $8 for his. I've had better at high school six-man football games and basketball games from the consession stands. It's also interesting to tour the stadium then see Dallas lose 51-48 Sunday...
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    Coming to Sixman???

    My freshman year at Rochelle (1972), we played some area JV teams in 11-man football, played Knippa in an 8-man football and played our district games in 6-man football... anyone else play all three in the same year...???
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    FRIDAY NIGHT 13th OPENING --Need to travel

    Friday Night 13th, might be unlucky for somebody...
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    Rochelle Basketball Tournament Dec 5,6,7

    Coach, you got Richland signed up? Looks like they might not be making a playoff run this year... jest sayin'
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    Goob v. rainjacktx

    oldfat&bald I am so disillusioned that distrust has somehow been allowed to permeate into our somewhat fragile relationship. I see that you still feel I'm a fragment of somebodies imagination. lol <-- the lol is Sooper Gooper bait... lets see if he takes it... lol lol lol
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    A little pre-DCTF talk

    Hornet Nation, I do like your opinion...
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    A little pre-DCTF talk

    oops sorry Santa Anna... lol
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    A little pre-DCTF talk

    1. Rochelle 2. Lometa 3. Aanta Ana 4. Zephyr 5. May
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    district 9....2013

    1. Rochelle 2. Lometa 3. Aanta Ana 4. Zephyr 5. May
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    White Deer makes difficult football decision

    How many times did that article smack six-man football...? …White Deer makes difficult football decision …White Deer purists viewed it as the final straw in killing the program’s tradition. …going to six-man was like a death sentence for their high school football careers …Miracle doesn’t...
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    Gulfstream G650 Reaches Mach 0.995

    Gulfstream G650 Makes Its Latin American Airshow Debut Ultra-Large-Cabin, Ultra-Long-Range Aircraft Earns High Altitude Approval, Continues to Set Records -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aug. 14, 2013 -- Gulfstream’s newest aircraft, the...