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    UIL State Executive Committee to Meet (Richland Springs)

    We have never had a transfer from Claude since I have lived here going on 20 years. If I am missing one I can guarantee & provide proof that they have never played Varsity. Please prove me wrong.
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    White Deer 58. Lefors 13
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    Whitedeer vs McLean

    Let's go all your data correct before you post stats.. WD & McLean have played a total of 6 times since WD moved to 6 man. First 4 meetings were very close games 50-46 McLean 2014 39-38 WD 2015 35-21 WD 2016 50-36 McLean 2017 .. So if my math is correct that brings a total of 159-156 with...
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    Whitedeer vs Milford and broadcast of the game

    Sounds good for White Deer... Great job Bucks!
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    Milford v McLean for the gold ball

    Awesome game ... Definitely the 2 best teams in the state...
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    McLean V Garden City, Milford V Leakey

    I agree with you whole heartedly. Those folks down south think that they are the only schools with legitimate teams & have true “Game Changers” on their roster. Well those of us in WD know first hand what McLean has to offer them. Crockett is a true blue chip player in all aspects & his...
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    McLean V Garden City, Milford V Leakey

    I will take McLean by 40.. They are the real deal this year.. Big, fast & very disciplined.
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    White Deer vs Ira. Mclean vs aspermont.

    Yes sir ... Great game ...Go Bucks Nation !
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    White Deer vs Ira. Mclean vs aspermont.

    I love it when people speak of something that they have no clue about. White Deer is not riding any wins or losses at this point in the season. They have more depth than people understand and this is the only website that has Ira ranked higher and picked to win. I will take WD by 30+.