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    TAPPS playoff predictions

    This year's team has to beat BCA. Past is the past. I think BCA takes it this year.
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    Division II Semi-Finals

    Does Pasadena go with the tried and true bully ball? Conroe will be better prepared for that. Will their adjustments force Pasadena to expand their play calling?
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    TAPPS playoff predictions

    Not so fast my friend. Pasadena 1st Baptist is the top team out the South until another team ends their season. I agree with most of the other predictions but this one is the furthest from accurate.
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    Can confirm, weather was NASTY! Summit fought hard, but had low numbers. Those Dirty Bay Dawgs look hungry. Freddy beware.
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    Freddy received a generous spread. They win but not by 45. St. Joseph's is a tough team. Baytown will be tested by Summit. If the BCA is clicking, it could be over by half. But I see this going deep in the game and near 45 point win.
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    Baytown vs Conroe covenant??!?!?

    What a surprise treat we received in the month of tricks and treats! Baytown and Conroe clashed in yet another highly competitive battle. When I saw it was Conroe instead of Galveston, I thought surely this would be the year Conroe finally gets one against Baytown. In 2017, Conroe was a...
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    Final: Baytown Christian 62 Brazosport Christian 14
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    TAPPS playoff predictions

    Freddy is always tough but Baytown looks to be a hungry dog on the hunt again.
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    TAPPS playoff predictions

    D3 is Kingdom Prep vs Baytown Christian. Book it!
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    Game needed

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    Game needed

    Baytown Christian is looking for a Week 2 game.
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    Open Baytown Christian Week 2

    Baytown Christian is looking for a Week 2 game.
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    State title finalist force or one-win in the playoff force?
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    Freddy is 0-2? Didn't see this being a thing.
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    TAPPS 2017 Finals

    Seguin by 45
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    TAPPS D-1 Predictions??

    Dallas Lutheran vs Austin Veritas. I'll say Lutheran finds a way to win a nail biter.
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    TAPPS D2 and D3 Semis

    Where are the Seguin fans? When I first got on years ago there were one or, nothing.