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    Jonesboro & Irion County

    Don't think so. He had face mask and unsportsmanlike same play. These Refs have control of game and have made calls both sides were disappointed with but were good calls from where I am setting. Jonesboro had TD called back just before half.
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    Jonesboro & Irion County

    Setting here in beautiful Early Texas waiting on kickoff. Went to Abbott last night and saw Abilene Christian and Ft. Worth Covenant yesterday afternoon. Wish we had time to make Robert Lee tonight but we don't. Be somewhere next week.
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    Robert Lee the place to be Saturday

    If the game at Robert Lee started at 6:00 and the game at Early started at 1:00, both would be the places to be. Just wishing.
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    Loraine vs Richland Springs

    You must not be married.
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    2022 Playoffs - Week 14 (Thanksgiving Week) - Confirmed Info Only

    It will only be a little over three hours for me. My little brother and I will be there.
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    Times for Playoff games

    Just a gripe from me and I bet a few more. We have games scheduled November 25th that are an hour drive apart and they are starting at the same time or maybe an hour apart. I bet there would be quite a few that would be at more than one game it we could get to them on time. Same for Saturday...
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    8-Man - Lets Revisit This Topic Again Because...Why Not

    We are doing good where we are at.
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    Area/Regional Semi Finals

    Some of us have the work behind us, we need gas and expense money.
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    Area/Regional Semi Finals

    Wish there were some Thursday and Saturday games in the general area of Friday night games, North or South of I-20 100 miles and East of Big Springs. Hint-Hint Driving from East of Dallas makes it a tough trip for one game. I will be in Mabank Friday night. I think I’m going with an upset...
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    Possible issues with Richland Springs FB Team

    Every One Knows more, this and a couple more were written to/for you. I agree that no one leaves this site, they just get new accounts with new names. Mike took what Granger started and has tried to add a few new things. I have only been a part of this site a few years but I have enjoyed it...
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    Anton coach passed away

    PRAYERS for the Hoover Family as well as the Anton Family as they come together in this hard time.
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    Possible issues with Richland Springs FB Team

    When EKM becomes perfect and takes over this site, he will have the right to talk about respect and credibility. Anyone that lost respect for Mike and thinks this site lost its credibility doesn’t lead a real life. He said it was third hand info and he hadn’t confirmed it. When the price for...
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    Does anyone know about Leveretts Chapel

    Archives take them back to 2005 playing six man. Been playing for a while. Came down from 11 man. They are South of Kilgore and East of Tyler.
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    2022 early predictions

    I use my old trusty nickel.
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    2022 early predictions

    I’m not going to disagree but Benjamin has a huge target on their back. Every team they play in the playoffs is going to go all out to beat them. A lot of the teams they have already played just wanted to get the game behind them. I wouldn’t bet the farm either way.
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    CJ Hantz at Throckmorton. Young Coach at Throckmorton since 2019.
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    Campbell Indians

    HuffNPuff is the game November 3, 2022 going to be in Campbell? I, serious for once, plan on going to this game.
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    Campbell Indians

    Thanks, yes I mean November 3rd. I knew what I meant but a lot of times the people I’m talking to need to be mind readers. You got a start. I tell people I have an old slow computer on my shoulders without much memory. Thanks again for helping keep me straight.
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    Campbell Indians

    Is the Campbell and Union Hill game going to be at Campbell Football Stadium this Thursday night October 3rd?