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    Dear TxShorthorn

    Did yew done bang yur head against the Thurber Smokestack when yew done lost Chaka Khan?
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    Why wud Gabby bolt?

    I been atryin’ to figger out why ol Gabby wud done bolt to the Tribe of Benjamin. I mean, it can’t done be that he done wanted to hang out with Mongo. I done got a theory, but whut do yew all done think bout it?
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    Ol Burkie and hiz RS record

    Yew knowd, I wuz wonderin bout ol Burkie’s record at Richland. So I done asked a feller who wud done knowd. And here it iz: Overall RS record.............. 231- 13 Reg. season record........... 167 - 4 Playoff record .................. 64 - 9 Home record ..................... 105-1...
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    Done impressed

    I wuz done impressed last Friday night with the physicality of Jayden Bryant and Zane Capps. One lost almost hiz whole season with a shattered arm; the other done lost his daddy a few weeks ago. Together they probably don’t done weigh 280 pounds, but neither one iz skeered of contact, nor do...
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    Why Angelo?

    I iz in Angelo today and I done noticed there iz a lot of fellers with man boobs pokin’ out of their T-shirt’s. Now, I ain’t lookin’ fer such cuz I don’t ride side-saddle, but yew can help but notice when 1 out of 2 fellers iz a C cup. Whut gives? Iz the Concho valley got sum mysterious male...
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    Playoff record

    A feller jest tole me that the Coyotes playoff record under Burkie iz 53-7. Can that done be true? That iz bout 88% winnin’. That iz with jest football, ain’t it? They’z no rooster fighting or beer pong involved?
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    Whut done happened to Milford?

    Whut done happened to Milford?
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    Who wuz the best yew done ever seen?

    Done tell be the best blocker and the best tackler yew done ever seen? I’ll done share mine after a while.
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    Jest when? Jest when will I done learn?
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    Shout outs

    Well I done got to give a shout to them fellas from San Antone FEAST. They iz a good good football team and jest sum all-around outstanding folks. And I done got to give a shout out to #4 fer the Coyotes, Matthew Rigdon. When it done come to scorin’ them touchdowns he wuz like a Swiss Army...
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    Cowboy Parks Bowl

    Well, it iz done time fer the RIchland Aquilla game, also knowd as the Cowboy Parks Bowl. It iz done in honor of on of them Mount Rushmorians (Granger, Leman and High Plains Drifter bein’ the uther three) of six feller football. I done wunder who iz goin’ to done win?
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    I done keep hearin’ sumthin

    Yew all member that movie with that big ol shark? Yew knowd, the one we’re the police feller iz tryin’ to shut down the beach in one of them Yankee states up thare. But the greedy ol mayor done wants them tourists to be acomin’ to hiz pissant town. And that big ol shark jest kept chewin’ up...
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    I done cud be wrong...

    Yew knowd, I done cud be wrong, but I done believe that the average IQ on thiz here site has done dropped bout 20 points...
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    Jest curious...

    I knowd thare iz a whole herd of helpin’ people in the Six-feller world and I done need sum rite now. I need yew all to done hep me figger out why thare iz so much hate fear Richland.
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    Yew must be funnin’

    Yew must be funnin’ bout Strawn bein’ 12 in the overall rankins. Yew has done got to be akiddin’ me. They iz a proven powerhouse and defendin’ champs and they iz 12 overall?
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    From fishin’ to football

    Yew knowd, I Iz glad football iz finally here. Ain’t much on the baseball so me and Earl been runnin’ lines most of the spring and summer. I mite have done tole yew all before that my 3 Ts of fishin’ iz trotlines, telephones and TNT. Anyways, a few weeks ago me and Earl took thiz ol feller...
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    Strange new drill

    Yew knowd, I done thought I had done seen all the football drills that wuz ever created done already. But no way Hosay. I wandered over to watch Richland done practice and they wuz arunnin’ thiz drill whare the receivers wuz done closing thare eyes and mentally tractorbeamin’ that ball into...
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    Hatz off

    Hatz off to them Happy Cowboys. Yew fellers iz a fine football team. Congrats on the win.
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    Thiz jest in...

    Thiz jest in... Entire Robert Lee skedule cancelled due to PC (and I don't done mean Panther Creek). All them teams on thur skedule wuz worried ESP&N wud done be offended and never do anuther up close and personal feature on sixman...
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    Who done coaches ten Balmorea fellers?