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    Motley co vs Klondike

    Who is the home team Thursday night? Taking pictures for DCTF.
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    McLean vs Garden City

    Just found it. Had to get my daughter a hotel in Levelland last night for her finals this morning at 8. They had to blade 9 inches of snow off of Lowery field Saturday for the Tascosa/Haltom City game. I bet Levelland didn't have the equipment. Tulia's new field and stadium lights are first...
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    McLean vs Garden City

    Good to know, was told last night it was in levelland. We played West Texas in Tulia last Thursday.
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    McLean vs Garden City

    First post guys be easy on me. I was contacted last night by Greg Tepper with Dave Campbell's to come shoot the McLean Garden City game tonight in Levelland. I read the whole 9 page thread about the semis. To be honest, I didn't learn a thing. Who are the playmakers (with jersey numbers if you...