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    Hwy 919 Coaching Clinic on Saturday April 23rd

    On the court basketball clinic And Football Q and A
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    Open Gordon Coaching Position

    Looking for a head boys basketball coach in Gordon #choosegordon Here's some info on the position. We are looking for someone who will be willing to be a football asset while working with an AD that is a multi-sport minded leader and supportive of success in all sports. For those curious...
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    Gordon Week 5 or 6

    Mike Reed 325-668-2731
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    Gordon JH and JV games

    Week 4 Sept 15th Week 5 Sept 22rd Week 6 Sept 29th
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    Gordon Scrimmage 2 needs to be home

    We are needing a home scrimmage and I am ok with multiple teams 325-668-2731
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    Gordon 2022 Football open dates

    Had some movement in our schedule Looking for a game on week 2 Sept 2nd Week 4 Sept 16th
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    Sept 24th or Oct 1st Looking for Game

    Gordon is looking for a home game on Oct 1st 2021 Week 5 game. Could also do Sept 24th Email Mike Reed Or text/call
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    Basketball Team Camp

    Gordon Boys & Girls Team Camp Mon. June 21st/Tues. June 22nd Games will be played all day each day 2-3 game per day $40 per game or $175 for 2 days Email
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    Oct 1st Week 5 Looking for home game

    Gordon is looking for a home game on Oct 1st 2021 Week 5 game. Could also do sept 24th also. Email Mike Reed Or text/call
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    Looking for B team JH games

    Gordon JH 9/30 10/7 10/21 10/28 These are possible dates we are looking for B team JH football games, or someones 7th grade team Gordon
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    Jh basketball games needed

    Gordon Jh looking for a game for January 4th-7th or 9th
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    Gordon Jv game needed Oct 1st

    We only have 7 players and are very inexperienced but would like to find a game. Preferably at Gordon since we have a home JH b team game at 6.
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    Varsity and JH game needed.

    Gordon High school Varsity game needed for Oct 2nd JH game needed sept 24th or oct 1st.
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    Gordon JV Game Week 3 Sept 10th

    We are looking for a JV game on Week 3 Sept 10th
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    Looking for jh and varsity game.

    We got dropped So looking for, October 1st JH game. -young team. We can play someone in jh that might have two jh teams. October 2nd or October 9th varsity game needed. Young team. 1 senior.
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    Podcast for the bored ... ive-ecaa5j
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    Gordon Head Girls Basketball Job opening.

    Head Girls basketball Coach/possible girls coordinator. Gordon High School State base salary Coaching stipend : negotiable Teaching field: open Coaching house provided, free rent. 3 bedroom, brick house, located by school. Gordon girls program is one of tradition and good culture...
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    Gordon week 6-7 needed

    Looking for varsity football game Oct 2nd or Oct 9th
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    Gordon Track Meets

    Gordon Will be hosting JH Run and Gun on Monday March 2nd (First 6 junior High Schools will be allowed) Gordon will be hosting a JH/HS combo Run and Gun meet on March 19th (First 6 Junior high and 6 high schools will be allowed) Gordon will be hosting a JH/HS combo Run and Gun meet on March...
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    Gordon looking for scrimmage and game

    Looking for a home scrimmage on Aug 28th also looking for game one Oct 2nd (Week 6) also willing to play Oct 9th (week 7) If put into a 4 team district we will only have 1 senior with a young group. If interested, contact me