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    Open Tyler HEAT Varsity needs week 7

    Due to a schedule change we now have week 7 open for Tyler HEAT varsity. Willing to travel and play on Oct 6, 7, or 8. Contact Coach Beggs,, 903-769-6871
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    Open Tyler HEAT MS needs week 3 or week 8

    Tyler HEAT middle school needs week 3 or 8. Willing to travel 2 hrs or so, but the longer distance would be better on Saturday vs Thursday. Contact Coach Beggs,, 903-769-6871
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    Filled Tyler HEAT needs week 6 varsity

    Tyler HEAT varsity had a cancellation for week 6. Will travel or host Contact Bill Beggs, or 903-769-6871
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    Open Looking for one more team in Tyler for second scrimmage

    Tyler HEAT is hosting a second scrimmage on August 20th at 10am in Tyler. We have one team, but looking for one more. If interested contact Bill Beggs,, 903-769-6871
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    Open Tyler HEAT needs JV games week 1,3,7

    Tyler HEAT needs JV games week 1, 3, and 7. Can travel or host, but would need to be on a Saturday morning/afternoon to host since we do not have lights. Will consider a varsity team if not a "contender." Bill Beggs 903-769-6871
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    Open Tyler HEAT varsity weeks 4

    Tyler HEAT varsity needs games for week 4. Will play home or away within 100 miles or so. Home games must be on Saturdays as we have no lights on our field. Contact Bill Beggs,, 903-769-6871
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    Open Tyler HEAT needs JV games

    Tyler HEAT needs several JV games. Will play JV or weak varsity. Will do a home and away if you are having trouble filling schedule as we are. Open weeks- 1, 3, 5, 7 Contact Bill Beggs,, or 903-769-6871
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    Tyler HEAT needs week 9 game

    Tyler HEAT needs varsity game for week 9. Will travel up to 2 hrs and play on Friday 10/23 or Saturday 10/24. Contact Bill Beggs
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    Longview HEAT needs week 6

    Longview HEAT needs week 6 game, Oct 1,2,or 3. Not a strong team with mostly underclassmen, so weak varsity or JV would be preferred. Will travel within 2 hrs. Contact Bill Beggs, or 903-769-6871
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    Tyler HEAT JV games WK 2,3,6,9,10

    Tyler HEAT JV looking for games week 2, Sept 5 week 3, Sept 11 or 12 week 6, Oct 1 or 3 week 9, Oct 22 or 23 week 10, Oct 29 or 31 Contact Bill Beggs, Cell903-769-6871
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    Tyler HEAT Week 3, Week 7

    Tyler HEAT is looking for a week 3 and week 7 game. We are willing to travel to within 2 hours of Tyler. Will host on a Saturday if that is preferable. Also in need of 2nd scrimmage. Contact Bill Beggs,
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    Tyler HEAT JV Week 6, 8, 10

    Tyler HEAT JV needs game for Oct 3rd or 5th will travel to Dallas area. Will play other JV or weak varsity team. Also looking for games Week 8 or 10 for Tyler JV or Week 8,9,10 Longview HEAT varsity team. Contact Bill Beggs, 903-769-6871,
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    JV games Tyler or Longview area

    Longview HEAT is a startup home school team this season looking to fill some JV or weak varsity opponents for Week 5, Week 6, Week 8, Week 9, or Week 10. Will travel and will consider a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday game. Tyler HEAT has a JV team and if you prefer to play them, they have Week...
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    Tyler HEAT needs week 10 game

    Tyler HEAT looking for a varsity game 11/2 or 11/3. Willing to travel into the DFW area. Contact at
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    Whats a Touch back on the kickoff?

    It is my understanding that when the ball goes into the end zone on a kickoff it immediately becomes a dead ball and a touchback, even if a kid runs back into the end zone(does not field it there) and picks it up. Correct me if I am wrong.
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    JV Games in NE Texas

    Tyler HEAT is looking for some JV games or games against young varsity teams. We are willing to travel into the Dallas area. Looking for the following dates: August 31/Sept1, Sept 28/29, Oct 12, Oct 20. I am listing specific dates because it must be on those dates only to avoid conflict with...
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    Need Week 4 game, Tyler HEAT

    Tyler HEAT needs a home game for week 4. Contact Bill Beggs:
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    Returning an extra point attempt

    Did I miss a rule change here? Last night the officiating crew allowed the defensive team to return an interception from a point after attempt for a score, 1 point. I discussed this with them and they said it was a new rule change this year. Is this true? I have not seen this anywhere and...
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    Start a new trend

    In light of all of the unsportsmanlike events we have seen lately, I would like to propose an act of sportsmanship by the home coaches of small budget teams (like ours) which rely on home town volunteers to run the chains. From now on, we will put the chain crew on our sideline for home games...
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    TAPPS Point System

    Can someone explain to me the TAPPS "Point System?" I have been turned down with teams numerous times for a mutual open date, because of it and I would like to understand the reasoning behind it.