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    Tyler HEAT 104, Strawn 68
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    Tyler HEAT 60 Campbell 27
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    Open Tyler HEAT Varsity needs week 7

    Due to a schedule change we now have week 7 open for Tyler HEAT varsity. Willing to travel and play on Oct 6, 7, or 8. Contact Coach Beggs,, 903-769-6871
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    Bell County forfeits to Tyler HEAT.
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    Open Tyler HEAT MS needs week 3 or week 8

    Tyler HEAT middle school needs week 3 or 8. Willing to travel 2 hrs or so, but the longer distance would be better on Saturday vs Thursday. Contact Coach Beggs,, 903-769-6871
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    Filled Tyler HEAT needs week 6 varsity

    Tyler HEAT varsity had a cancellation for week 6. Will travel or host Contact Bill Beggs, or 903-769-6871
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    Cut Blocks

    I would like to know what the new rule is. Can someone post a link to it, or summarize it?
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    Open Looking for one more team in Tyler for second scrimmage

    Tyler HEAT is hosting a second scrimmage on August 20th at 10am in Tyler. We have one team, but looking for one more. If interested contact Bill Beggs,, 903-769-6871
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    Open Tyler HEAT needs JV games week 1,3,7

    Tyler HEAT needs JV games week 1, 3, and 7. Can travel or host, but would need to be on a Saturday morning/afternoon to host since we do not have lights. Will consider a varsity team if not a "contender." Bill Beggs 903-769-6871
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    Open Tyler HEAT varsity weeks 4

    filled week 6, still looking for week 4
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    Open Tyler HEAT needs JV games

    filled weeks 9 and 10. Still looking for 1,3,5,6,7
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    Open Tyler HEAT varsity weeks 4

    Tyler HEAT varsity needs games for week 4. Will play home or away within 100 miles or so. Home games must be on Saturdays as we have no lights on our field. Contact Bill Beggs,, 903-769-6871
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    Open Tyler HEAT needs JV games

    Tyler HEAT needs several JV games. Will play JV or weak varsity. Will do a home and away if you are having trouble filling schedule as we are. Open weeks- 1, 3, 5, 7 Contact Bill Beggs,, or 903-769-6871
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    Texas Independent Sixman Championship Game in Baird Saturday

    This series has been a blessing to many kids that don't fit into the regular format of things. Thanks for making this opportunity happen. Should be a good game.