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    Irving Universal Academy

    Looking to fill week 3 (Sept 13) or Week 9 (Oct. 25) Also still looking for second scrimmage: Both can be away. (Depend on the distance) Please Contact Coach Camel 469-628-1904 OR coach Spearman 501-248-5452
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    Irving Universal Academy JR. High Need a game.

    Jr. High Need Week 1: Away: Depending on the Distance. Please Contact Coach Camel 469-628-1904
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    Irving Universal Academy: Looking for games

    Jr. High: Week 8 : (Away) Week 10 or 11 ( Need be a Home game) Varsity need games for Week 3 (Away) depend on distance. Week 10 or Week 11 but Need to be a home game on Thursday or Friday. We will play JV team Please Contact Coach Camel 469-628-1904
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    Jr. High & Varsity Game Needed

    Universal Academy (Irving) Varsity : Need 2nd Scrimmage: Need Game for Week 6 or Week 8 : Prefer week 8 : Game can be away game, just depend on the distance. Jr. High : Need same weeks as Varsity. Please Contact: Coach Camel: 469-628-1904 Coach Holley : 214-444-6363 Gerald...
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    looking for home game : Week 3

    Universal Academy: Is looking for a home game on Sept. 12, 2015 (Week 3) Due to a team not being able to fill a team due to injuries. Please contact Coach Camel or Mr. Peoples Thanks for your help in this matter.
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    JR. High Game Needed

    Irving Universal Academy Need a Game this week on Thursday (10-9-14) or Saturday (10-11-14) Please Contact: Coach Guy @ 214-686-4852 or Coach Camel @ 469-628-1904
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    JR. High game needed (Universal Academy)

    Looking for a jr. high game. Have the following dates open Week 2 Sept 13 or Week 6 Oct. 11 This game need to be a away game. ( depend on distance) Dave Camel: 469 628 1904 Tue Jul 03, 2012 2:42 am