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    Dallas Lutheran Varsity Week 1 needed

    Need week 1 home game if possible . Contact Coach Schup 972-948-9892
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    Dallas Lutheran Needs Week 4 Varsity 2021

    Dallas Lutheran needs week 4 home game . Playing at Dallas Covenant School. Please text or email. Coach Schup 972-948-9892
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    Dallas Lutheran Needs JH Games

    Need JH ganes for week of 10/30 and 11/6. Please call or email Coach Schup 972-948-9892
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    Dallas Lutheran Needs varsity games week 5&6

    Need 2 games filled 9/25 10/2 Please text or email coach schup 972-948-9892
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    JH games needed (Dallas Lutheran)

    Need these dates filled for JH. 9/4 9/18 9/25 10/3 10/16 10/23 need home 10/30 11/6 Call , text , or email Coach Schup Dallas Lutheran 972-948-9892
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    2020 Scrimmage #1

    Dallas Lutheran is looking for scrimmage 1 home or away. Contact Coach Schup 972-948-9892
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    Last minute JH game needed for tomorrow in Plano.

    We had a team cancel on us last minute. Dallas Lutheran needs a JH game fill in for 5pm tomorrow 10/11 Coach Schup 972-948-9892
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    1952 Allen Eagles vs Blue Ridge in Sixman Championship

    “Best game ever played” ... county-tsp ... 896373258/
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    Dallas Lutheran looking for Week 6

    Do to canceled game, Dallas Lutheran is looking for week 6 home game. Coach Schup 972-948-9892
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    Dallas Lutheran needs JH football games

    Need JH games poss. all weeks. Please email or text. Coach Schup 972-948-9892
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    Dallas Lutheran needs Varsity week 1 and 2.

    Looking for varsity week 1 and 2 . Need one away and one home. Hoping for 2 year deal! Please email or text ! Coach Schup Dallas Lutheran 972-948-9892
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    Question for coaches using HUDL

    We are currently using HUDL, but the benefits at the same price for Krossover makes me look that way. Only bad thing is trading film and all the film we have on HUDL. Anyone else moving to Krossover? Anyone make the move last season? Coaches using Krossover, how has trading film been...
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    JH game needed Dallas Lutheran 10/13

    Looks like we may have another JH game cancel. We are in need of a JH home game for 10/13. It is our homecoming week but at this point if we have to play away we will consider. Coach Schup Dallas Lutheran 972-948-9892
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    Can't Play TCAL Schools

    Anyone know why TAPPS have posted all TAPPS schools will not be allowed to play TCAL schools??
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    MS football Mini playoff/tournament

    Dallas Lutheran middle school is looking to fill a bracket of 4 teams for a mini playoff . Set for last week of October and first week of November. Can schedule early in the week. Two spots already filled looking for two other teams. Dallas Lutheran 6-0 Canterbury 5-1 Please text or email...
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    Cheers to Jonesboro

    Even though they kick the crap out of us I feel the need to share this. After the game both teams met back at school campus for dinner fellowship. During this time one of the Jonesboro player approached one of our injured players and ask if he could Pray for him. This young man began to place...
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    Dallas Lutheran Needs Week 6 Varsity

    Team dropped as of today. Need to fill home game. Please contact Brad Schupbach 972-948-9892
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    Dallas Lutheran MS games needed

    We are looking for 2 MS games , at least one of the two at home. We need: 9/8 week 3 9/22 week 5 Contact Coach Schup
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    Pray for DPD families and our coach!!

    Please include DPD families and our coach in your Prayers. One of our coaches is a DPD officer and fought lastnight to protect citizens! He was not injured physically. Please Pray for all!! Coach Schup
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    Dallas Lutheran JH game needed Sept 8

    Dallas Lutheran JH week 4 Sept 8th prefer home game to even out schedule. Contact: Coach Schup 972-948-9892