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    Dallas Lutheran Varsity Week 1 needed

    Need week 1 home game if possible . Contact Coach Schup 972-948-9892
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    Dallas Lutheran Needs Week 4 Varsity 2021

    Dallas Lutheran needs week 4 home game . Playing at Dallas Covenant School. Please text or email. Coach Schup 972-948-9892
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    Dallas Lutheran Needs JH Games

    Need JH ganes for week of 10/30 and 11/6. Please call or email Coach Schup 972-948-9892
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    Dallas Lutheran Needs varsity games week 5&6

    Need 2 games filled 9/25 10/2 Please text or email coach schup 972-948-9892
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    JH games needed (Dallas Lutheran)

    Need these dates filled for JH. 9/4 9/18 9/25 10/3 10/16 10/23 need home 10/30 11/6 Call , text , or email Coach Schup Dallas Lutheran 972-948-9892
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    2020 Scrimmage #1

    Dallas Lutheran is looking for scrimmage 1 home or away. Contact Coach Schup 972-948-9892
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    Last minute JH game needed for tomorrow in Plano.

    We had a team cancel on us last minute. Dallas Lutheran needs a JH game fill in for 5pm tomorrow 10/11 Coach Schup 972-948-9892
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    JH Games Needed

    Dallas Lutheran JH has Week 6,8,9 open. Coach Schup 972-948-9892
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    6-man final fours

    Veritas showed to be the same Veritas they have always been! Great team with some great coaches!! They came in with a great game plan and never stopped even when hit with a little adversity! To me big games such as semi finals and State fall back on the coaching ,winning and losing. Hats off to...
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    1952 Allen Eagles vs Blue Ridge in Sixman Championship

    You are correct and that is why I only called it a Championship not a “state” championship. The article shows it as a Championship , one that was decided on 1st downs. Either way it is a great story!
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    1952 Allen Eagles vs Blue Ridge in Sixman Championship

    “Best game ever played” ... county-tsp ... 896373258/
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving from Dallas Lutheran!!
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    Can’t speak for all TAPPS district but every district we have been involved in has been great. Haven’t had any big issues to really test the system of higher ups . I did go to the big TAPPS meeting last year and everyone that had any issues was given a turn to be heard. Most things in district...
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    Gainesville and Giddings

    I do not like getting involved in these types forum discussions but I feel I need too. First I want to apologize to Gainesville for the comments one of my parents have made on here against you. I have already contacted coach Burns and appolgized on behalf of Dallas Lutheran. Gainesville is a...
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    VARSITY FINAL SCORES ONLY -- week 9 -- 2018

    That was the half time score! According to Max Preps Emery 77 - Sugar 32.
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    Dallas Lutheran looking for Week 6

    Do to canceled game, Dallas Lutheran is looking for week 6 home game. Coach Schup 972-948-9892