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    Needed @ Waco Methodist Children 's Home

    Methodist Children’s Home in Waco is looking for an Athletic Coordinator for either our Boys or Girls program. This is a non-teaching; full-time position. Full benefits included. A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is required. Ideal candidates should have experience in coaching/playing football...
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    The 2021 TCAF Clinic of Champions video is now available for purchase. What a better time than now to order your copy and have plenty of time to review and / or contact the coaches and speakers for more information on their topics. Summary is on the "ticket". I will also have the 2020 TCAF...
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    Wylie Prep - Games Needed

    Wylie Prep needs games for week 1,2, & 3 for 2021 Sixman Football. Please Contact Larry Uland Email: Phone: 469-667-6402
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    We still have room

    You can pay your registration online at or pay at the door (cash or check payable to CSAF, Inc. Come on out for a good time and a good clinic for only $35. Lunch and door prizes, so in the end it is a one day clinic for less than $30 for sure. TCAF...
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    Thanks to those of you have committed to coming and being a part of this event. It is a fund raiser for our league, a low cost clinic, a high quality clinic, and a chance to fellowship with some great guys. 2/27, Saturday If you plan to come, it would really help if you would drop me a line so...
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    SixmanCoaches, Please Share this. Our Sixman Coaching clinic has been rescheduled to to the weather. It will be held on 2/27 at the Springtown Community Fellowship Building, 1300 W. Hwy 199, Springtown, Texas. You may pay your registration online at
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    TCAF 2021 Clinic of Champions Postponed to 2/27/2021

    Pay for your registration online at : ... cst=custom The Clinic of Champions has been postponed due to the weather situation we have all been going through. I know that Friday is supposed to be above freezing, however, some of us, (and I hope not), may...
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    Gym Goals and Scoreboards

    6 goals and 2 scoreboards for purchase Contact Alberto DelaCruz Alberto Dela Cruz [Mobile] (214) 949-6999
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    TCAF Registration & Schedule

    Texas Christian Athletic Fellowship 2021 Sixman Football Clinic What: A High School Coaches Clinic with a focus on Sixman Football When: Saturday, February 20, 2021 Time: 8:00 a.m. for Refreshments, Registration, and Fellowship...
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    Tyler King's Academy

    Anybody have Coach Brockmon's email address from Tyler King's Academy? Thanks
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    11 man to sixman in 2021 season

    This is probably on the board somewhere but I can't seem to locate it. What schools are new to sixman for next year, either brand new, or those who are moving "up" from 11 man? Bill Reed
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    TCAF 2021 Clinic of Champions Speakers Announced

    Here is a little part of our clinic from last year. As you can see it is a quality clinic and hopefully some of you guys will get on board and register soon! Register here: ... sp=sharing
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    TCAF 2021 Clinic of Champions Speakers Announced

    Our Speakers for the 2021 Clinic of Champions have been set. We may have one more come on board at a later date. These guys will do a great job. Last year's clinic was phenomenal. Check the posts by the guys who missed out but purchased the video. We plan to do that again, but who know...
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    TCAF 2021 Clinic of Champions - ON!

    Our 2021 Clinic of Champions is currently in the "ON" mode. It is to be held on February 20. I will be posting more on this later but as always, we have a pretty decent group of speakers. We will do our best to practice proper health protocol. We will have it in person but we are going to...
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    Azlel Christian School Needs Games

    Azle Christian School needs games on 8/28 and 9/4. Contact Gary Rushing @ 817-705-1672 or email Thanks
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    TCAF Clinic of Champions 2020 Video Sales nearing end

    I plan to close the books on the TCAF 2020 Clinic of Champions Video. As previously stated, we had a great bunch of speakers, all champions, offering up special teams play, offense, defense, fund raising, skills and drills, coaches outreach information. You can get access by emailing me...
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    There are still lots of you guys out there that need to purchase this video information. I am still "on it". All proceeds go directly to Texas Christian Athletic Fellowship. Spring was a killer for us all. This information will come in handy and at least one idea you get from the purchase...
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    Thank you to those that have purchased these videos. About 5 more buyers and I will have reached my goal. $30 Payment via paypal to and you should have it same day via tcaf google drive. Please notify me, if you do order. Nothing better going on right...
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    ok, guys, I need to sell about 10 more of these videos in order to reach our league goal. I would really appreciate it if you would run over to paypal and send $30 to and I will immediately send you a link which you may use to download all videos (8) and 4 sets of clinic notes...
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    Conversations with Coaches

    Great Post! Thanks for doing positive things during this time. I like this idea.