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    Rochelle vs Medina

    What a thrilling game this was. Medina seemed in control at the half 52-32, then the Hornets came out and changed this game, with a final of 93-74. Things seem to be turning around in Rochelle Texas.
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    Surprise scores or outcomes????

    So let’s hear it, what scores or outcomes surprised you guys this week??
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    Saturday Sixman Quarterback Rankings

    So has anyone side seen this Facebook page? Real curious how we have someone Ranking a top 10 in Division 2 that does not consist of Richland Springs!!! Have they fallen that fast from the top or is the page ran by a biased party?
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    COVID closures

    I’m hearing of a few schools closing due to COVID already, is anyone else hearing this? I sure hoped we were past this mess
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    Why are we not talking about the new additions at strawn? Seems like they are gonna make some noise. The Freshman looks real special.