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    Broadcasting Games 2021

    To all six man football fans, This season we are launching a campaign broadcasting 6 man football games. I will be interviewing both coaches early in the week and releasing a podcast of both coaches on Wednesdays. On Friday I will broadcast the games live via our website. I will film the game...
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    This website is intereseting.. I feel like there used to be so much activity on here and that has changed so much. Is there anyone on here around my age 31 that remembers this site being the go to for everything 6 man.. I remember getting up on saturday to see what everyone was saying about the...
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    Need your help 6 man football fans.. I want to keep this thread up all season but I need your help. IT is so hard to find stats on our 6 man teams and your must dig and dig only to find that the stats may not be accurate. Could I get some helo from you because I need the content for my podcast...
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    Does anyone know where I can find statististics for players throughout the year? Is there a place to find current rushng, passing, tackle leaders? Thank you Jay Spitzer
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    "The High School Athlete" hosted by Jay T Spitzer

    Hello fellow 6 man football fans, My name is Jay T Spitzer. I graduated from Rule in 2008 and played under coach Mike Reed. I am currently hosting a podcast called "The High School Athlete". I am having conversations with players and coaches from Six-Man schools across the state. This week I...