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    Recruiting.... Again... is this the norm now?

    If you want state championships, you go to Richland Springs. I would boot everyone to get the Ethridge’s back to town. You’re looking at potentially 3-4 more titles with them. Build them a house and I bet they’ll come. ;)
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    Strawn Gordon 2020

    What time is kickoff?
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    Basketball Phenom??

    This is not a knock towards all of the amazing athletes before my class, but none of them could get it done before we did. Was the foundation set? Of course. Doyle is one of the greatest ever because he turned an underachieving program into a serious contender. Then came others like Ethridge...
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    Richland Springs Wins big

    I would have to finish my degree in order for that to ever happen. That’s just not my desire in this season of my life. I do have plans to do some individual consulting with coaches in Sixman. I’m speaking to a couple right now. My vision is much broader than just coaching sports. I have great...
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    Richland Springs Wins big

    Something outsiders don’t understand is how Richland Springs has a spirit of excellence in their program. Whether you love or hate Rogers and Burkhart, you can not deny their excellence. I haven’t been around the Sixman game in years until this season. I could only watch a few Leakey games...
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    Richland vs. Aquilla thoughts?

    Most people don’t know the cost of being as successful as RS has been. And many simply see it through a lens of constant covetousness and disdain. Losers hate winners and winners can’t stand losers. In this case, fighting on the sidelines is never okay. But I remember when fights would break out...
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    Coaching Carousel

    Ethridge to Leakey.
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    Six-Man Films

    I would like to get in touch with the guy that is uploading all the Six-man films on YouTube. I am willing to send you all the film I have from Richland Springs. Maybe we can convince BE to do the same.
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    Colorado 6man Football

    Hey guys, Ethridge here. I'm still up in Woodland Park, Colorado and would like to show my wife some Sixman football this season. Not sure we'll be able to make it down to Texas so I'll settle for some Colorado style Sixman ball. Got any suggestions who we should watch?
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    Giving Back

    Tyler Ethridge here. I have had this vision in my heart for some years now. Thought I would share to see the type of feed back I would get from it. I will finish my third year at Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado in May of 2017. For third year I have been focusing on the...
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    BE may be back

    I may have to call Gatesville to pitch a better offer.
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    Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him. -Proverbs 26:4
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    While on the subject of TYLER ETHRIDGE

    BE, I guess we should tell everyone I have two little brothers. One who is a year away from Junior High ball. Braxton will be an all around better young man than I ever was. He's got the brain of a Harvard graduate without all the political brainwash. When I lived in Follett for a few months...
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    While on the subject of TYLER ETHRIDGE

    Here's a few novel ideas: Rather than continually speaking of the past "best teams, programs, players," why don't we exhaust our knowledge and resources in creating a better future for Sixman football? I'm still confused on how Arena Football gets so much national exposer and Sixman doesn't. Is...
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    While on the subject of TYLER ETHRIDGE

    I actually do care about Goob. I may not agree with everything he says but that doesn't come between me and the love I have for him as a flawed human being like the rest of us. I don't spend much of any time on this website anymore. Mainly because of the lack of professionalism that goes on...
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    If we are talking about successes after sixman football, I have to maintain my bias love towards Lyall Campbell from Gordon. My idol since 5th grade. He and Chance Kyte (sp) beat everyone that 99' season by themselves. Of course, they had role players who contributed, but all in all, I can...
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    The Best Athletic Facilities

    "The more you're willing to invest in the athletic program, the more success you will see on the field, court, and track" Investing into the athletic program doesn't just mean the facilities. To me, you invest in the well being of the kids more than you do the facilities. Sure, it would be nice...
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    The Best Athletic Facilities

    This is just a topic that has been on my mind as of late. I feel as though the athletic facilities reflect the outcome of each teams success. The more you're willing to invest in the athletic program, the more success you will see on the field, court, and track. Common sense to me. Who has...
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    6 Man Alumni Game - May 19th - Dallas Stadium

    Count Denim Reeves and Tyler Ethridge in.
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    RS football

    I want to tell you a few truths on how to acquire success in the football realm at the six man level. Yes, coaching has a lot to do with it, but its more than that. Much more. It is a rarity that you find a place where the sole purpose of living is for football. Everything at Richland Springs...