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    Onside kicks and high score games.

    Unless I have a kid that can kick it into the endzone im going to always kick some sort of onside. If you kick it deep in 6man and it doesnt go into the endzone 9 times out of 10 it will be returned atleast to the 30-35 yard line before a tackle is made. If you onside kick it then its going to...
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    Post Week 1 Thoughts.

    Zephyr had 9 kids on the field friday. Some young kids didnt want to play but mostly just low boy numbers in HS. I hear both their qbs are out and their stud running back didnt play this year cause of concussions. Only 1 starter from last years team. Guess that could lead to big issues ahead.
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    Way too early discussion on D2 rankings

    johnny South said Rochelle....haha
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    Recruiting Students for Athletics in High School

    Deny all you want.....If you really want to know whats been going on at RS then talk to some of the ex coaches and players. They have some truly unbelievable and damning stories to tell.
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    UIL Executive Committee meeting. Zephyr

    You are right it is a refs part time job...they get to go on to their life with some spending money. Bad refs can cost coaches their jobs. Sending film in doesnt work, scratching doesnt always work they still show up, and the uil will never side with coaches even when coaches are right. So I...
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    When elite players play JV

    If Richland Springs refuses to let him out of his contract then he cant get another job for a year if he leaves. If he moves them from Richland Springs to play somewhere else then they can be deemed as moving for athletic reasons. I'm betting some of these names are Rigdon family members...