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    Open Texoma Christian Junior High open dates

    9/15 9/29 10/27 If interested please contact at or 903-815-6476
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    Open Texoma Christian Junior High Games Needed- 8/25, 9/15 or 10/27

    Texoma Christian in Sherman, TX Looking for Junior High Opponents on any of the following dates: 8/25 9/15 10/27 If interested, contact me directly at or 903-815-6476
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    Open Texoma Christian School needs week 4 HS and Week 6,8,10 JH

    High School Week 4- on Sept 16 Junior High- Week 6, 8, or 10 Need a home game on this one Contact:
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    Open Legacy Classical Christian Academy Looking for Junior High Games

    Texoma christian is willing to play junior high games week 6,8 or 10 need one of those to be a home game