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  1. MightyGoose

    Teams or Weekly radio broadcasts

    I tried this on the DCTF forums but it seems did so I'm gonna put this here. You can use this thread to post your teams radio broadcast links or station so that we way more people know where they can listen. There is also sixman media sources such as Sixmania and Texas1afan that do different...
  2. MightyGoose

    1A D1 D13 Region 4 Update

    #1 May 5-0 Next Opp: Newcastle (3-1) #22 Santa Anna 5-0 Next Opp: Panther Creek (2-2) #18 Baird 3-0 Next Opp: Lueders-Avoca (0-3) Gorman 3-1 Next Opp: Perrin-Whitt (2-3) Lingleville 3-1 Next Opp: Walnut Springs (2-3) With week 6 approaching District 13 has quiet a...