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  1. FenceLineGuy

    2022 early predictions

    Best part is, no one in D1 cares, we are just here to watch the fireworks!!! 🤣🤣🤣
  2. FenceLineGuy

    Loop Needs JV games

    Might get in touch with Coach Matlock down in Westbrook. He will have 2 JV squads this year and I believe one is an all Freshman.
  3. FenceLineGuy

    Happy Cowboys

    See ya in 3 weeks!!!
  4. FenceLineGuy

    Coaches, how do you film your games?

    IPads is what Westbrook uses, both Football and basketball.
  5. FenceLineGuy

    Sixman Football Fan Polls D1 and D2

    Stop rushing me 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  6. FenceLineGuy

    2022 early predictions

    From the Fence: Agree to disagree on the rankings, they are glorified guesses and honestly do not make a team any better or any worse. And I'm not even gonna go into semantics about injuries and wins and losses. I do recall a "stud" for Water Valley who got injured and probably would have...
  7. FenceLineGuy

    Week 1’s Game to Watch??

    Westbrook vs Happy in Jayton
  8. FenceLineGuy

    Numbers Thread

    I believe you are right, on both counts
  9. FenceLineGuy

    2022 early predictions

    I'm sure he's prepared, sure wish we were playing them again this year in preseason but our plate is pretty full.
  10. FenceLineGuy

    2022 early predictions

    From the Fence: Easy're not the only program with the States reigning MVP. Wait, I forgot we have two. The reigning All State MVP and the reigning All State Defensive MVP and a #1 preseason ranking, but that ranking really doesn't mean alot, (just ask May). I mean they have...
  11. FenceLineGuy

    2022 early predictions

    From the fence: DCTF changed their official rankings because he left. Strawn was #1 in D2, Rigdon leaves and Benjamin jumps to #1 in D2 and Strawn falls to #5 in D2. They talked about it on the podcast today. Greg literally said Strawn was pre-season #1 in D2 only because of Rigdon, they lost...
  12. FenceLineGuy

    2022 early predictions

    From the Fence: (and still laughing) I sincerely applaud you for having the testicular fortitude to put something that bad out for everyone to see and comment on. You sir have guts, and you will need them in November. Because in that month your D1 predictions will begin to crumble and your...
  13. FenceLineGuy

    Most Anticipated Games of 2022

    From the Fence: Have to say the most anticipated games should be district games for me, although yes i am excited for any game really as long as its on the ol' 80x40. First 4 or 5 games sometimes 6 games in smaller districts are there to build the team and see where they stand. There are some...
  14. FenceLineGuy

    Westbrook vs May

    Just in case anyone forgot before we ring in the New Year tonight................ Westbrook Wildcats State Champions!!!!
  15. FenceLineGuy

    Westbrook vs May

    Merry Christmas to you too!!!!
  16. FenceLineGuy

    Westbrook vs May

    My 10 year old daughter said you need to watch Frozen........and Let It Go!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣
  17. FenceLineGuy

    Double MVP

    Just wondering in sixman football how many players have won both offensive and defensive MVP in a State Title game? Cedric Ware did it this year for Westbrook but would like to know who else is on that list, if any?
  18. FenceLineGuy

    Westbrook vs May

    All out Effort All out Everyday All out Everyone
  19. FenceLineGuy

    Westbrook vs May

    Heard this from lots of people, they've said it is one of the best 6man State games they have ever seen. It was a true testament to the game and an eye opener for many "new" fans of 6man football. Congrats to May on a great season and congrats to my son and the entire Wildcat Nation on their...
  20. FenceLineGuy

    Westbrook vs May

    Same to you bud, enjoyed the trash talk this past week. May can hold their heads up cause that was a hell of a Game. Wish we could've got that photo opp as well, but hey raincheck for next year..... West What??? WESTBROOK!!!!