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    Used weightroom equipment

    Sands is selling some used weight equipment, some may need new upholstery. 2 squat racks 3 Bench Presses 2 incline bench Decline bench Sit up Slant board 1 big Weight tree 3 small weight tree Neck machine Leg press Fly machine Contact Tye Keith 806-789-3103
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    Open Sands 7th Grade JH games

    We are looking at scheduling some 7th grade games. We need Week 3 9/8 Week 6 9/29 Possibly Week 8 10/13 Week 10 10/27 Contact Tye Keith 806-789-3103
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    Filled Sands Football JV openings

    We need to fill JV openings. Prefer both at Home, Tuesday game would be considered. Week 5 9/22 Week 6 9/29 contact Tye Keith 806-789-3103