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    What day in February will the UIL come out with their new realignment?
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    I have to say that I was surprised to see May ranked ahead of Sterling City. I guess we will see just how long they can stay on top.
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    WV backer, I heard that WV's state champion discus/shot had decided to play crowded field. Is this true? Where will he be playing? Before hearing this I had WV playing for and winning the regional championship. Now, I'm not so sure.
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    How did everyones first scrimmages look to you guys.
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    Good games in week 9

    Here are some games this week with playoff implications that might be close enough to be good games. You might find some more that you would want to include. Water Valley at Eden Valley at Happy Evant at Lometa Sterling City at Westbrook This will probably be the kiss of death for all four...
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    any upsets in week 1

    I don't know if they can pull an upset, but keep an eye on Motley County and Westbrook. I expect it to be a good bit closer than 45 points. I also expect the Eden and Blackwell game to be closer than 45 points. If what I heard this week is true, Sidney may able to play Zephyr a very...
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    Has anyone seen a copy or heard when it will be out? Last year there was 15 or 20 schools that had personalized copies that came out first. It slowed the general public copies by 2 or 3 weeks. Are the DCTF doing that again this year?
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    DCTF D1 top ten

    1 Rankin 2 Jonesboro 3 Borden County 4 Sterling City 5 Union Hill 6 White Deer 7 May 8 Leakey 9 McLean 10 Ira
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    DCTF D2 top ten

    1 Balmorhea 2 Motley County 3 Calvert 4 Richland Springs 5 Jayton 6 Blackwell 7 Strawn 8 Gordon 9 Groom 10 Grandfalls-Royalty
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    D2 District 16 for 2020

    Cherokee Lohn Mullin Richland Springs Rochelle
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    D2 District 15 for 2020

    Blanket Brookesmith Rising Star Sidney Panther Creek
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    D2 District 14 for 2020

    Buckholts Dime Box Mount Calm Oglesby
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    D2 District 13 for 2020

    Apple Springs Calvert Chester Oakwood
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    D2 District 12 for 2020

    Cranfills Gap Iredell Kopperl Morgan Walnut Springs
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    D2 District 11 for 2020

    Bluffdale Gordon Gustin Strown Three Way
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    D2 District 10 for 2020

    Goldburg Forrestburg Fannindel Trinidad
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    D2 District 9 for 2020

    Paint Creek Lueders-Avoca Moran Throckmorton Woodson
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    D2 District 8 for 2020

    Benjamin Chillicothe Harrold Rule
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    D2 District 7 for 2020

    Patton Springs Guthrie Jayton Motley County Southland
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    D2 District 6 for 2020

    Blackwell Loraine Olfen TLC Abilene Trent