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    Rigdon To Benjamin

    I guess I didn’t look back on what u are betting but no sir I don’t bet on minors. Only a loser would bet on kids. I will bet on where we meet and who is the last man standing bet on that. I hope somebody turns u in on what u are saying and betting on this site. Only person will stick up for...
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    Rigdon To Benjamin

    I’m a betting man Mr Fuller what’s up for betting. Coach Rigdon will dig his own grave there like he has done in his pass schools. The man will never coach again after his son Graduates and he knows it. Think if the man had the best player in the state he would shut his mouth and let the boy...
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    UIL State Executive Committee to Meet (Strawn)

    The Hinkson family took advantage of a market sold there house for 3 times more then what they paid for it and moved to a family land that’s been in the family for decades in strawn district. I have heard all Mike Reed statement he took forward in the district meeting and uil was information...
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    Strawn vs Motley County Predictions?

    Starting with D-1 game. Wow came down to a drop pass in the end zone. Just my opinion but when u have time outs when time is running out I think u should use one to calm down your players and make sure they understand the play and situation. Hats off to both teams hard fought game. Westbrook may...
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    Thoughts on Coach Lee to aquilla?

    People get on here to look up school’s accomplishments and how athletes are doing not running there mouth and cutting coach’s and school member’s down. Well roscoe say I’m a coward we shall see. Lee has done a lot for me and my family on and off the field and to go on here and read the BS u...
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    Thoughts on Coach Lee to aquilla?

    This is a grown ass man and a Strawn resident that is running his mouth after lee has coached his kids and as of this year the youngest still helps out in sports. Get the hell off this site. U are a embarrassment to our town. Lee has done nothing but built a winning team. This is a site for...
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    Thoughts on Coach Lee to aquilla?

    Big man running his mouth. Easy to do behind a computer
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    Coyotes Headed For State (again!)

    RS just the better team that night. Felt Strawn had way to many mistakes and RS play as good as I have seen them this year and at this point of the year that’s what u have to do. Congratulations to both team and a hard fought game , dang sure worth the drive and money. Good luck on yalls 10...
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    Lost a great six man football player this past weekend.

    Coletyn king is gone but will never be forgotten. Played for 4 different six man towns and had a huge impact in each one he went to. Freshman year helping Gordon go deep into playoffs ; sophomore year as the spread back helping strawn go deep in playofffs; jr year finishing a dream he started...
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    Richland Springs vs Motley thoughts

    Love what coach Bigham said about RS and how all there kids are move ins. This has been going on for years. JB will go down as the best in the history one day no doubt about it on the best ever on recruiting No respect for RS and Burkhart after reading TE story how the town and coach treated...
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    Where Does He Now Rank?

    It’s crazy that people are saying Crocket is the best ever. He is dang good player but to say the best no sir. DeWayne miles went on and played in the NFL that’s the best ever. Tyler E. Lost one game in 4 years of high school. Won 3 titles could say he’s the best. Crocket could fall in the...
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    when will RS and Strawn decide

    Brownwood, Early, Comanche, Deleon , each one of those towns sound good. Ready to see it but what has happened in the past is waiting on JB to get his way where to play. If RS and JB is that good he can win anywhere so let’s go.
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    Richland Springs vs Strawn

    Pretty dang excited about this one fellows knowing the history these two teams have been a part of in the past playing each other. Im taking Strawn and lee.
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    Strawn vs Gordon

    What I thought would happen. It’s hard to beat Lee and strawn twice in one year. Well at least Gordon made it respectable there at the end. Let’s hear it Gordon how many injury’s did y’all have I know there something y’all will come up with. Good luck to strawn on the rest of there playoff run.
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    Richland Springs vs Calvert

    RS and Jayton well sounds like u are getting ahead of your self saying that match up is coming up. RS sounds like should have lost to Calvert and now u are saying playing for a title. U still have two games before that happens and I don’t think y’all will be there. THATS my opinion.
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    wheres the drama????

    tx6man4life that’s was the best thing u did was leave that town. After reading the story about Tyler Eldridge and the story he told about how that town and head coach JB treated him WOW. I would have left to.
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    wheres the drama????

    D2 strawn vs. Grandfalls for state. RS has to much drama And what I have read Sounds like RS needs to find another head coach and get rid of the drama he has brought to that town. Gordon will make it tough on anybody they play the rest of the playoffs but it’s hard the beat strawn twice history...
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    Strawn and Gordon game thoughts?

    The way the bracket looks Strawn and Gordon will have a rematch game in the quarterfinals. This game is for bragging rights and a district title. Hope it’s a good one not like the ones I have watch in the last two years.
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    Strawn and Gordon game thoughts?

    People think it’s getting back to the old days. My thoughts, Gordon has a schedule that strawn jv would dominate and strawn kept there tough schedule that I feel Gordon would be winless. Strawn wins big just because strawn has been put to the test and Gordon hasn’t. Would love to have a shirt...
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    May vs strawn

    ranking’s mean nothing but people’s opinion. How I see it is look at Strawns schedule and Gordon’s. Strawn undefeated in Gordon’s schedule and i think Gordon is win less in Strawn schedule. Both coach’s are dang good. Strawn has a couple key players that are out that would have change the out...