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    2019 UIL Playoff Scenarios

    could you explain the points differential exercise
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    week 2

    not taking anything away from Jonesboro but I wonder how Blum players felt after McLean game. they took some hits last saturday
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    week 2

    article in local paper last week talked about a freshman running back is he the big difference from last year?
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    week 2

    I guess Strawn showed why they are #1 in D2. What's going on in Jonesboro, did Blum have a hangover from McLean?
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    paducah upset over white deer??

    After seeing white deer last week I was ready to give them the #1 ranking. they are so stacked even if they lost that kid they are still top 10
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    week 2

    Avalon is picked to beat Iredell so that's not really an upset Blum is for real they will beat Jboro Evant speed over the Gap I'd like to pick Strawn but have to go with Gorman at home
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    August 30 May vs Richland Springs

    walking out on the limb just hand me a saw
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    Upset Alert: Week 1

    In my opinion best web site and best ranking system in the state. why would you insult the guy who provides you a forum to speak. anyway week 1 is the best upset possibilities so here are my picks FW Naz 64 Evant 74 Jonesboro 48 Newcastle 40 May 78 RS 56 Strawn 60 BC 56 They...
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    its getting down to it

    can't win if you don't roll the dice
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    It's just something of interest not criticism. that's why they call it food for thought
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    I done cud be wrong...

    I only posted this to knock goob off of top posters
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    Week One

    Ft worth Naz 64 Evant 74
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    August 30 May vs Richland Springs

    Still predicting May to win big
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    hows it looking

    Iredell looks good Gap is much improved
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    Milford vs Blum Scrimmage

    sounds like blum is for real. we already know milford is. gonna miss Ta'Ron
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    Evant vs Fort Worth Nazarene

    I picked Evant to upset read all my other upset picks on it's getting down to it thread
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    food for thought has anybody looked at Leakey's schedule? ranked #9 overall. they don't even have a top 20 on their schedule.
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    its getting down to it

    It's week 1 and I love the underdog so why not pick some upsets? see what you think of these: Evant 74 FW Naz 64 Jonesboro 48 Newcastle 40 May 78 RS 56 Blum 56 Mclean 46 Strawn 60 BC 56 Milford will not 45 Gorman
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    this week's scrimmages

    on a more positive note we have 268 teams to talk about. anybody watch a good scrimmage?
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    What's the return of Burkhart 'worth' RS?

    That's oversimplifying the issue somewhat. Of course kids go with there parents and if they happen to be coaches so be it. It's all the upheaval at one time that brings suspicion. hire one fire one hire another, etc. and there are also some academic and attendance issues to be looked at as well