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    Don't forget to check here for broadcasts. I'm listening to the Strawn gm right now and I'm at work!
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    Dating Rousey

    I'm sure everyone's busy but I bet all the young guns take time for the ladies. So, how many of the single coaches would consider dating the toughest woman on the planet?
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    Tennis Matches/Tourny's

    Anyone in N. Cent. Tx started planning or already have any tennis plans made?
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    A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Championship

    This will be where we/you (mostly you) post all the/your excuses er...ah...reasons why: we/you can't finish a season, play a tough opponent, have to cancel a game even though you gave your word, can't make a decent frito pie, wanna play just JV, kids flunk their classes, kids quit your...
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    Injuries from Coaching??

    Tonight, a volley ball smacked me on the head while I was at the scorer's table. I just happened to have my glasses sitting right up there, and there were smashed down into my crown and it felt like a small hammer blow. My glasses exploded and it hurt pretty good. After a while I was able to...
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    POSTS out of order?

    Is this just happening to me? When I post a reply it goes up one space over the post I replied to. Am I seeing things again? Plus, are there extra ads at bottom of page too?
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    Baylor Bears

    I'm sure that's it!
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    Looking For Meets - Fall 2013

    1a schools mostly. Please list em' if you have em'.
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    BB Scores and Schedules

    Where do BB scores and schedules usually get posted? Is there a BB site at least half as cool as this?
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    Sweeping Changes to CSCOPE

    OMG, I knew something was wrong with it. This past yr. I was told it was our only district curriculum and I had to go by it. Being a team player I gave it a good go. But, when the students and I both fell behind, I was given another assignment. (which I liked so much better, but that's not my...
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    Calling vs. Writing?

    I was wondering if the movers and shakers had a preference between getting phone calls about job openings or would rather get e-mail or regular mail (postal)?
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    Places To Consider

    I was on The Old Coach the other day and saw they had a topic called Places I Would Never Work or something to that effect. Would we care to venture into that dark night?
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    Remote Interviews

    If you get to do a "Remote Interview",would you please, please share your experience on this thread? P.S.- A remote interview, in this case, is one done by Skype/Facebook and then there's another thing where you can talk live video on your i-phone but I don't know what it's called. P.P.S.-In...
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    For all the movers and shakers out there, consider using Skype or even your Facebook page to do first interviews. Then, If both parties are feelin it, have the candidate come in personally and bring the family. Shouldn't educators be looking for new best practices?
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    Covington ISD - HFC

    Posted on Reg. 12/SchoolSpring.
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    Kick The Dog

    Ye who is without sin deal the first blow. I can take it.