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    Thoughts on Coach Lee to aquilla?

    Lol. Again I’m not hiding behind a fake name.
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    Thoughts on Coach Lee to aquilla?

    Still waiting tough guy. My name is Roscoe Sparks. Pretty clearly written on every post.
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    Thoughts on Coach Lee to aquilla?

    First off I’m not hiding behind the computer. My name is clearly written right here. Second my youngest doesnt even go to school in Strawn jack wagon. Get your facts straight before you make a fool of yourself. Why don’t you not be a coward and hide behind a name. And nothing I say here I...
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    Thoughts on Coach Lee to aquilla?

    I also did a quick google search. As of the 2019-2020 school year, an average teacher's salary at Strawn was $49,786, which is $7,305 less than the state average. On average, teachers had 14 years of experience. If you took Kilmer out of that sample and his $80-90k a year salary. Strawn don’t...
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    Thoughts on Coach Lee to aquilla?

    Strawn board members should have offered to build a statue of him. If they would have instead of all the money he’s gonna get, he would have taken that and they could have saved some taxpayer money to upgrade the school and help educational things. Dewaine= Bud Kilmer.
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    Thoughts on Coach Lee to aquilla?

    I’m with you on the kids being dragged into it. Sucks for them. Can’t fault someone for bettering themselves financially or otherwise but this is his MO. This same type situation has happened several times. Threatens to leave only to get a raise at the expense of the betterment of the...
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    Thoughts on Coach Lee to aquilla?

    Lee gets approved as Super tonight. His wife will be promoted to AD. He was never leaving. It’s always about the money and Aquila was the leverage he needed.
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    State Championship Game Broadcast

    Texas Sixman Sports Network will broadcast both games. Broadcast starts at 10:30am at click on the live stream button then click the listen button.
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    Semi-Final Round Broadcasts

    Jonesboro vs Blum 7pm Texas Sixman Sports Network broadcast starts at 6:30. Game time 7pm
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    SemiFinals Broadcast Jonesboro vs Blum

    Texas Sixman Sports Network Will broadcast The Blum Bobcats vs The Jonesboro Eagles. Game time 7pm. Broadcast starts at 6:30. Tune in at click the LiveStream then click listen. Good luck to all all the remaining teams.
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    2019 Playoff Sites for December 5-7

    Jonesboro vs Blum Friday December 6, 7pm at Hico
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    Regional Finals/Quaterfinals Broadcasts

    Texas Sixman Sports Network has the Gordon Strawn rematch at starting at 6:30
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    Richland Springs vs Calvert

    Listen live to the game on Broadcast starts at 6:30pm
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    THE RIVALRY- continues

    The Gordon Longhorns and the Strawn Greyhounds will do battle next week In this long and historic rivalry which has only had one previous playoff game. 33-35-3 is the all time record in The Rivalry. Get your popcorn ready- it’s gonna be a show (Owens)
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    Richland Springs vs Calvert 7pm
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    Strawn vs Gordon broadcast- Texas Sixman Sports Network

    Texas Sixman Sports Network will broadcast The Strawn vs Gordon DII District 10 Championship game live starting at 7pm tonight on Click Live Stream then click the orange listen button!
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    Dallas Lutheran vs San Jacinto Christian

    Broadcast is at 7:30 on Tune in for San Jacinto Christian Patriots vs Dallas Lutheran Lions. Game is being played at Williams Field in Plano, Tx
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    Strawn - Milford

    Texas Sixman Spots Network will call the game.
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    Gorman Kickoff Classic- Saturday Broadcast

    Tune into Texas Sixman Sports Network at for live action of Day 3 of the Gorman Kickoff Classic. Game 1: Newcastle Bobcats vs Jonesboro Eagles- broadcast pregame starts at 4:30 Game time 5pm. Game 2 Aquilla Cougars vs Aspermont Hornets: Game time 8pm. login to
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    Gorman Kickoff Classic Broadcast

    Day two: Iredell Dragons vs Dallas UME Prep- pre-game broadcast starts at 4:30 game time 5pm Milford Bulldogs vs Gorman Panthers- game time 8pm Listen live