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  1. CleverUsername1

    D1 District 10

    It’s a little early for these things but the Rangers currently suck and the Cowboys don’t play until August. How do y’all think the cat fight between Abbott, Aquilla and Blum is going to shake out? I see Blum and Aquilla getting first and second, but I’m biased towards Blum so my opinion can’t...
  2. CleverUsername1

    Dallas Cowboys

    Anyone think the Cowboys have a chance to slip into the playoffs? After Carolina's win today there isn't much hope to pass them, but Seattle is currently down 14 in the 4th quarter to the Jags and if they lose that puts them only 1 game ahead of Dallas with 1 game left head to head, which...
  3. CleverUsername1

    Best six-man players of all-time

    In your opinions, who are the best six-man players of all-time, both offensively, defensively, and overall? I'm sure I already know who Richland Springs fans are going to nominate lol.
  4. CleverUsername1

    Blum vs. Aquilla

    Anyone got any predictions? Here is my slightly biased take on the game. They have common opponents in Abbott, Bynum, Covington and Avalon. Excluding Bynum since Aquilla won by forfeit, Blum is out scoring these opponents 202-78, while Aquilla is out scoring them 167-23. That equals to point...
  5. CleverUsername1

    If the NFL played six-man

    This is an extremely pointless topic and is a bit out there, but I thought it was kind of fun to think about. If the NFL went sixman, and you were an owner who had to assemble a 10 man roster to play sixman, who would you pick? I got: Dak Prescott-QB/SB Travis Frederick-C/DT Rob Gronkowski-TE/DE...
  6. CleverUsername1

    Regional champs

    Who are your picks to win each region in both D1 and D2?
  7. CleverUsername1

    Playoff brackets

    Does anyone know how playoff seeding works? I used to know but have since forgotten. I remember that the first place team from district x plays the runner up from district y and vice versa but past that I forget lol.
  8. CleverUsername1

    Wildcat Formation

    Has anyone ever successfully adapted the wildcat formation to six-man? In 11 man there are really only about 3 plays in wildcat, but in six-man there would be a lot more options, and it could be ran out of several different configurations. Jet sweep to the motion man, spread back sweep towards...
  9. CleverUsername1

    Aquilla 45ing Abbott

    Is Aquilla really that good this season, or has the talent well dried up in Abbott? No disrespect to Aquilla but I was beyond shocked when I saw the score of that game. I had Abbott winning by 6. Shows what I know lol. Congrats to the Cougars though!
  10. CleverUsername1

    Best team of all time

    I got several questions for you 6-man experts who have been around the game for a while, here they are: 1. Most dominant team of all-time? (single season, not dynasty) 2. Best dynasty of all-time? ( example: late 80's early 90's Ft. Hancock, Richland Springs, the Ethridge years) 3. Best program...
  11. CleverUsername1

    District Predictions

    Does anyone have any playoff predictions going into district? I got my popcorn ready and patiently waiting for a fight to ensue. (Looking at you Aquilla and Abbott.)
  12. CleverUsername1

    Rankings Questiom

    I was looking at historical rankings, and I noticed a trend. It seems like slowly the ratings of the top teams are increasing. If you look at the mid 2000s the top teams were normally rated in the mid to high 200s, but now a 250 rated team would be somewhere in the middle of the pack in terms of...
  13. CleverUsername1

    Lack of teams in South Texas/Coastal region

    I was looking at the game map for this week, and I noticed that most six-man teams are centered around North Central Texas, the hill country, the panhandle and the Permian Basin area. Anyone happen to know why far West Texas and South Texas/the coastal region are almost devoid of teams? I'm...
  14. CleverUsername1

    Offensive Schemes

    I already started a similar thread about a week ago regarding 11 man schemes, but this time I have a slightly different question for some of you experts who travel and watch 6 man football from all over the state. What offenses do some of the most successful teams in the state run? Formation...
  15. CleverUsername1

    11 man schemes in 6 man

    Okay, I have a question that I hope somebody with a lot of experience in 6 man can help out with. I graduated from Blum in '16 and played all 6 years of Jr and High School, so I know quite a bit about the game but probably not as much as some of you older fellers know. My question is, has any 6...