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    Toughest Region

    Well, here is an expansion. Gordon is D ! and in Region 3.
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    I'm having this debate

    You guys should try Sidney. In the bend of Jimmys creek with huge Pecan trees and some smaller oaks spotted all around it. Years ago there was no fence to keep fans away from the field. Sadly, it didn't keep cars and or pickups off of the field either. Had to put up a fence.
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    Most Anticipated Games of 2022

    I think Ft. Davis and Valley both began sixman the same year. Ft Davis beat Valley in overtime (my first overtime to witness in person) in the regionals or maybe in the semifinals, on their way to the state game.
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    2022 DCTF preseason top 10

    The real wonder is how Strawn was placed in the west while Loraine was put in the east. That is the real head scratcher!
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    Getting closer to no cutting at all

    They will possibly have less knee injuries and probably more concussions. They are not thinking this through very well! I don't remember the last knee injury that I have seen on a cut block. Ankles yes knees no.
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    Getting closer to no cutting at all

    Size may start to matter is sixman football. Your 140 pound back will be at a severe disadvantage.
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    6 man History

    It kind of depends on the set up of your league. Locally they have flag football for K through 2. I have heard of leagues that have K through 4, and some crowded school leagues will have flag football through the 6th grade. I have not heard of any uil schools having Jr. High flag football...
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    Most Anticipated Games of 2022

    This is a little tongue in cheek, but the most anticipated game will be the first one on your schedule!
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    Funny Jokes

    I saw this displayed in a Brownwood steakhouse. "I told my wife that she needed to start embracing her mistakes, she reached out and gave me a hug."
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    Who could or should add football

    Priddy played for a year or maybe two around 1960.
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    Who could or should add football

    Guys, I talked to a fellow from Priddy last night at Cross Plains. He said that the Priddy board on Wednesday night had voted to play an outlaw schedule this next year. Quite frankly, I am shocked!
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    UIL State Executive Committee to Meet (Strawn)

    Whoever earlier stated that Gordon had burned some bridges is correct. In years past kids would transfer between Strawn and Gordon with impunity and be able to play almost immediately.. Whichever school had the best teams would get an occasional crossover. There seemed to be an unspoken...
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    UIL State Executive Committee to Meet (Strawn)

    This transfer was turned down by the basketball district committee. Probably because Gordon did not include the small but important sheet of paper saying that he was not moving for athletic purposes. Without that sheet of paper, it will take some extraordinary circumstances for the state to...
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    Coaching Carousel 2022

    I hope Nathan and his family have thick skin!
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    UIL Reclassification and Realignment Information

    I kind of expect Gustine to walk off with the district title with Zephyr coming in second.
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    Who could or should add football

    Mostly for the 8 lane track around it. I think all of the field events are inside the track. I am not sure what throwing a shot will do to their turf field.
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    Onside kicks and high score games.

    There are two reasons for the number of onside kicks. First, if your own kicker cannot consistantly kick the ball into end zone, you are just begging for the other teams best open field runner to have a field day at your expense. Second, the number of possessions each team has becomes very...
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    What day in February will the UIL come out with their new realignment?
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    Dan Reeves was a gentleman...met him and his wife at the airport outside of Orlando FL. in the spring of 1996. He was waiting for his daughter to fly in from Denver. Her flight was delayed by snow and ice. There was about four or five in my group and one recognized Dan even though he was...
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    Defensive Coordinators nightmare

    You have overlooked the first 100 point + game of the season. May 104 and SC 80!