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    Be studs not duds

    Gentlemen it is time to turn off the bad manners and employ characteristics more reflective of civilized folk. This site was never intended to be used as a sewage dump. All too often some of us —myself included —have responded with words more befitting the gutter than a football website. It is...
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    Grand baby needs your intercession

    One of my grand babies, Haven is fighting a life or death affliction that she’s been trying to overcome now for several months. T-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma is her doctors’ diagnosis. She’s been under chemotherapy treatments now for about three months. Haven is a four year old child fighting...
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    SpringLake-Earth needs JV games

    SpringLake-Earth needs JV games for 9/3 and 10/15. Contact Israel De Leon @ 806-632-4410.
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    Commentary on Six-Man offenses

    MY LIST OF SUSPECTS: The Spread is exhausting. The Unbalanced J'Bird is too limiting and overrated. The Shotgun is anemic. The Split T and I are like taking a knife to a gun fight. The Spinning T is...wth knows!? There is just one six-man set that guarantees any team a super-charged...
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    Need Bsk Warmup Game

    Yes I know this is a six-man football site, but this is the best spot to be seen by the most eyes. Leakey boys looking for a warm-up game to be played this Friday or Saturday, February 21st or 22nd. We are willing to play Class 2-A. Leakey is located between Uvalde and Kerrville. Contact...
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    Basketball Phenom??

    I know its old news to hear about a Richland Springs athlete who accomplishes some heroic feat, but this story might surprise you a little. In the football mecca of Richland Springs a seventh grade boy used an orange, round ball to score 51 points in a single Junior High Basketball game against...
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    Is it true?

    Heard it from several folks in and around the San Saba river that a past Athletic Director invited one of the new coaches at RS to step outside if he wanted to get his teeth rearranged. But its a dang lie that it was a gang from Georgia waving sharp objects... and there was zero involvement by...
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    Are there any interesting changes in the world of Class-A coming down the pike? Is Iraan moving? Will Brady make the jump?? (:
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    Need Spring Break Meet

    Does anyone know of a Jr. High track meet being held during Spring Break, 3/11 to 3/16? Let me know. Thanks, Harley 903-229-8497
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    Need Pole Vaults

    Moran needs something for our vaulters to use. Looking for used poles in three weights: 100 lbs, 130 lbs and 140 lbs. We may be able to purchase them. Otherwise, good loaners would suit us just fine. Thank you, H Ethridge 903-229-8497
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    Moran needs boys JV game

    Moran is seeking a boys JV basketball game for this Tuesday, Dec. 18. Will travel if distance allows. Call 903-229-8497 For a speedier response call 903-229-2571.
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    Moran Varsity Bsk. Schedule

    If you scheduled a basketball game with Moran before August, please contact us asap. When the new coaches arrived there was no schedule available. In August we started constructing a new schedule. Please verify before driving to Moran. If you agreed to play us since August, we are still...
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    Need basketball games/tournaments

    See basketball thread.
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    Moran needs basketball games and tournaments.

    Moran High School girls and boys need pre-district games and two tournaments. Already have a tourney Nov. 29-1. If you have us on your schedule please contact asap. Contact Coach Dakota Fowler at 325-725-8224. Thank you for your assistance. Coach Ethridge 903-229-8497
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    Moran Needs two JH Football Games

    Moran Junior High needs two games for September 20 and 27. Please call 903-229-8497 or 903-229-2571.
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    Don't Be Scared

    Moran needs two games for two of these weeks/dates: Week One----August 31 Week Four---Sept. 21 Week Five---Sept. 28 Will play JV, Varsity or Stanton Will play teams with SuperGirls Will play in the "BackYard" Contact Coach E. @ 903-229-8497 903-229-2571
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    Don't Be Scared

    Moran Bulldogs seek two games for the following weeks/dates: Week One---August 31 Week Four---Sept. 21 Week Five---Sept. 28 Will play JV, Varsity or Stanton Will play teams with Supergirls Will play in the "BackYard" Contact Coach E. @ 903-229-8497 903-229-2571
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    Oglesby Scrimmage August 24th

    Will have a scrimmage in Oglesby on August 24 at 6:30. We need three teams. Contact Harley Ethridge: 903-229-8497
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    Oglesby needs week 5 Varsity and Junior High

    We need an Away varsity game if possible, week 5, Thursday or Friday. Junior High can be Home or same night as varsity. Call 903-229-8497 or 2571. Harley
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    Oglesby needs JR High games

    Oglesby Junior High has dates open on October 5th and November 2nd. Need Home games. Red Lobster on us. (: Call 903-229-8497 or 254-644-6692. PS: Some of this may be wishful thinking. ):