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    Tioga Forfeits at Half Because of Bad Officiating???

    From the Scoreboard Forum: I'm just wondering how horrible the refs had to be to get the Tioga coaches to ruin the evening for their own kids.
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    Final Week Showdowns

    There are several decisive games being played in this last week of the football season. These are going down in my proverbial backyard: Follett - Lefors: FYI, it's pronounced LEE-force, not luh-FORZ. This is for 1-2 in district. The Toy has this picked as a much, much closer contest than I...
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    Week 9 Spreads

    There's roughly 108 games scheduled this week - give or take a game or two. Let's just round down and say there's 100 games this week. Out of all those games - only about 34 of them are picked to go the distance - give or take a game or two. 2/3's of the games are picked to be over early...
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    Top Gear Redux

    The most popular TV show on the planet is finally back - really back. No more fake hosts. No more pretending Clarkson, Hammond and May never existed. It has a different name: "The Grand Tour", and it is an Amazon Prime exclusive series - but it is finally back...
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    Head Scratchers and Jaw Droppers, Chapter Cuatro

    Things are starting to settle in - or settle down - in Week Four. I'm not seeing any huge upsets like there is in the first couple of weeks. But with that said - there are a few notable games that should be noted. Obviously I'm probably going to leave your favorite game off, so please include...
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    Blue Bell Is Back *yawn*

    I can count on one hand (the hand I had to gnaw off with my bare teeth while trapped under an ice fall in the Franklin Mountains during the blizzard of '09) the number of times I have knowingly consumed Blue Bell Ice Cream. When did they stop making ice cream? Why did they stop? And why is my...
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    Official Assaulted On The Field

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    Head Scratchers and Jaw Droppers, Pt. Deux

    Seems as though things settled down a bit this week after a pretty wild week one. Here's my list of 'Oh wow!' and 'Really?' games for week 2 1. The no. 1 Blum whatever-they-ares (Tigers?) - they're in the East, so I won't be bothered with proper mascots - had a much closer outcome than I had...
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    Creepiest School Name

    I'm just going to throw this out there - I think Austin Veritas is the creepiest name for a school I've heard in some time. I know, I know - Veritas is some Roman goddess of honesty or wisdom or some crap. But when I hear "Veritas", All I can see is James O'Keef and his army of hidden...
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    Week One Head Scratchers and Jaw Droppers

    Here's a quick list of week 1 games that were closer than I thought they would be and/or complete blowouts that should have been closer. 5. Ira squeaking past Guthrie. I assumed the margin would be much more in Ira's favor. I was wrong. 4. BC over Crowell. The Toy was right, and I guessed...
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    When do they start? Anyone? Anyone?.......Buhler? Buhler?
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    Netflixing: 1. The act of watching an entire season of a show in one season. 2. A total valid excuse for avoiding social obligations. ... NetFlixing I had no idea this was really a thing. We thought we were just weird like that. But evidently not. Are...
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    16 Years in a Row

    16 consecutive years in the playoffs for Coach Tyler and the Valley Patriots. I don't care who you are - that's an accomplishment.
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    Mac OSX Maverick Inhales

    Are there any other dolts on here besides me who upgraded to Maverick? Killed my partitions - which I take the blame for (but as long as I'm ranting...), and now it's hogging ram like a fat man hoarding twinkies. Win7 is a speed demon compared to whatever this is running on my Mac. It's...
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    Throck Going to D-II?

    During the GF/R - Milford game, Granger mentioned that Throckmorton may be moving to Division II. If that comes to pass, there is a real possibility the top 5 teams in the combined rankings could be D-II, or private schools.
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    Any D-BASE Guru's?

    I have 27,500 records in a .csv data base. When I try to import the database into my website, it is rejected because there are duplicate email addresses. Right now, I am using excel, and have the rows sorted by email address and am scrolling through and manually identifying and removing...
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    Getting Rid of Some Weight Training Equipment

    I have to get rid of 2 different Hammer Strength machines: one for the lats, and one for the shoulders. Both are in pristine, like new condition. If anyone is interested - let me know.
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    Greatest Six Man Fan

    No offense, but we have a "greatest 6-man player of all time" thread starting, or being resurrected, every season. I mean how many times can you read the lists without committing at least 7 players names to memory? And really - how important is ranking the top ten players of all-time anyway...
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    Another Nerd Thread

    I'm a Skyrim addict. I've played that game pretty much exclusively since last Christmas. At least twice a week I will put it in the Xbox and geek out for a couple of hours. The Xbox, or even the PS3 for that matter, doesn't allow you to modify (mod) the game in any way. But the PC version...
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    Windows 8

    Anybody else have this atrocity of an OS? I downloaded a tweak program, but that can only do so much to hide the level of oral suction created by the mere existence of Win8. It was designed to turn your computer into a freaking cell phone. I don't want to swipe on a 17 inch monitor. When...