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  1. CleverUsername1

    Congratulations Blum

    I guess nobody told Blum that they were supposed to get 45’d? Couldn’t be more proud to be a Bobcat right now!!
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    Congratulations Blum

    I know lol. I’m a Blum fan. I was just saying I’m happy people are talking good about us but I’m not celebrating anything until the final whistle lol!
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    Congratulations Blum

    Maaan don’t jinx us like that! But seriously though, McLeans dependence on Crockett is hurting them and he seems to be wearing down. He was made out to be a God among boys by the posters on this site but when he doesn’t get clean blocks he hasn’t done much. Extremely good no doubt, but based off...
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    Congratulations Blum

    Thank you. Like you said we made the Semis in 2006 but lost to RS. We also made the Semis in 2014 but lost to May, then got bounced by Abbott (the eventual champs) in the first round in a defensive battle the following season. I’ve also heard stories from my parents of some really good Blum...
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    Battle of 11 man football is a six man game

    My senior year at Blum in 15 we ran a mostly a spread based option offense. Lots of run-pass options and shovels, with a few drop back passing plays. On this one particular play against Abbott, we ran a direct snap pass. Nobody got open, and things went south real quick. The sidelines were wide...
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    VARSITY FINAL SCORES ONLY -- week 2 -- 2018

    Blum-40 Jonesboro-6
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    VARSITY FINAL SCORES ONLY -- week 1 -- 2018

    Blum-70 Granbury NCTA-62
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    Poll Question

    In my personal opinion and experience it’s awfully hard to stop a team with a good ground attack. My sophomore, junior and senior years we were knocked out of the playoffs by teams with elite run games, and all three of those teams ended up in the state game, one of them winning it. Hard to win...
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    New standouts

    Coltin Gonzales from Blum. Going into his junior year and is a beast. Fast, strong runner who would rather run you over than try to dance around you. He played fullback last season and didn’t get the ball very often due to Bellinger being the workhorse, but now that he’s graduated he will get...
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    Early top 15

    “These rankings suck because my team isn’t ranked high enough”
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    D1 District 10

    It’s a little early for these things but the Rangers currently suck and the Cowboys don’t play until August. How do y’all think the cat fight between Abbott, Aquilla and Blum is going to shake out? I see Blum and Aquilla getting first and second, but I’m biased towards Blum so my opinion can’t...
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    Second Amendment

    Can’t deer hunt with it? With modern advances in propellant and bullet technology the .223 rem (assuming we’re talking about the standard AR-15 round, not one of the newer variants like 6.5 Grendel or .50 Beowulf) excels at killing deer in the hands of a capable marksman. I shot two deer this...
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    Dallas Cowboys

    Anyone think the Cowboys have a chance to slip into the playoffs? After Carolina's win today there isn't much hope to pass them, but Seattle is currently down 14 in the 4th quarter to the Jags and if they lose that puts them only 1 game ahead of Dallas with 1 game left head to head, which...
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    Best six-man players of all-time

    In your opinions, who are the best six-man players of all-time, both offensively, defensively, and overall? I'm sure I already know who Richland Springs fans are going to nominate lol.
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    Milford vs Strawn

    I know lol that was my junior year and was the center on that Blum team. But that was the year Blum went to the Semis and was a lot better than they are now (although I may be a bit biased), and Milford is waaay better now than they were in '14. What's funny is my senior year coach McFarlin (in...
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    Milford vs Strawn

    I could be wrong but I feel like Milford is destined for the state championship, especially after taking down the legendary Richland Springs. Taron is just too good. What sucks is that's next season they go D1 and will probably have to play my Bobcats at some point in the playoffs lol.
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    Semi Finals 2017 Predictions

    Coming from a Blum fan, congrats to Tioga! After seeing y'all take down my Bobcats I'm rooting for y'all in the Semis and hopefully State. Them boys are a fine tuned machine and don't make mistakes, and capitalize on any mistakes their opponent may make. They don't really have any one player...
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    Top 5 best coaches

    I'm about to keel over and die of laughter after clicking that last link lol.
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    Milford vs. Iredell

    Are there actually any people outside of Iredell who believe that this game will go 4 quarters?
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    Richland vs Milford

    Well this quote aged about as fine as milk left outside in August.