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  1. granger

    Anyone going to the Texas Tech HS Indoor Meet this weekend?

    Just thought I would drop in for a little track talk this afternoon and see if anyone was heading to Lubbock this weekend. I will be there with my son on Saturday. He's only running the 800 due to travel and timing of events. If you are around and see me, please say hello.
  2. granger

    Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Magazine

    When the magazine would come out, they would take Dave on tours around the state for signings, etc... When they came to Austin, they would meet up with the Austin HOST Communications (later IMG) office staff, (of which my wife was part of) for lunch at Matt's El Ranch before doing radio...
  3. granger

    2021 UIL Championships Broadcast on Bally's

    Heard we get to use the Fox Booth, so it's a good thing Joe Buck and Troy warmed it up. I'm also hoping I have some time to wander around and see folks. All, please say hello if you see me.
  4. granger

    Tickets Go on Sale for UIL Football State Championships at AT&T Stadium

    My understanding is that if you show up on site they may not have a ticket window open, but you can buy them online even then.
  5. granger

    2021 UIL Championships Broadcast on Bally's

    I can confirm this is a go. The old Fox Sports Southwest, now Bally's, will be broadcasting the games live. Not only that, but the crew will be in attendance for the first time at AT&T Stadium. Usually, the crew is getting a feed and broadcasting from the studio in Irving. I know this because I...
  6. granger

    Tickets Go on Sale for UIL Football State Championships at AT&T Stadium

    There's a rumor flying around that the games will actually be televised live from Jerry World this year on Bally Sports Southwest (the new name for Fox Sports SW). No studio crew. The crew will be on-site for even the six-man games.
  7. granger

    Comment by 'granger' in media 'FB_IMG_1629996351364.jpg'

    I am going to guess this was Fall of 2007 or 2008. I could be wrong, it could be 2004 or 05. 2007 final answer
  8. granger

    Human Influence in The Toy

    I wasn't the first to refer to it as The Toy. I believe that belongs to OldBearkat.
  9. granger

    Friends of Coach Uland

    Dan - I am so sorry for your loss.
  10. granger

    Time For a Comeback!

    I cannot tell you how excited I am that Mike is taking over. This all happened within the last 24-48 hours. I had decided I did not have the time to really coach anyone to get the site up and running. The next day, he sent me an e-mail and by that evening we had an agreement. Years ago (when I...
  11. granger

    Petey Salaiz found dead

    I have no other details or verification, but I was sent an e-mail stating he was found dead in an Austin-area motel Friday. If true, this is extremely sad.
  12. granger

    A Long and Rambling End

    The End This is going to be a long and rambling story. Some of it may be new to many of you, but I just wanted to get it down on paper as I decide to close a chapter in my life. When I started ranking six-man football teams during the 1993 season, I never imagined that 28 seasons later I would...
  13. granger

    Browns veteran played six-man -- The Vince Costello Story

    The Life And Career Of Vince Costello (Complete Story) If you heard someone did not play regular football in high school, went to Ohio (not Ohio State) University, and had four years elapse between his college graduation and his first professional football regular season game, you might think...
  14. granger

    Cranfills Gap, Campbell before UIL Executive Council

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AUSTIN, Texas — The State Executive Committee of the University Interscholastic League met Tuesday to hand down decisions on eligibility of student-athletes and issue penalties for UIL rule violations. A student-athlete from Tuscola Jim Ned High School was granted an...
  15. granger

    Keene starting football, hires former Blum coach

    Keene ISD board of trustees convened to discuss and approve the addition of a football program this week, which is set to begin in the 2021 season. The school board voted unanimously in approval of the program. The official announcement of the addition came Tuesday night following Keene's...
  16. granger

    Cranfills Gap, Campbell before UIL Executive Council

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AUSTIN, Texas — The State Executive Committee of the University Interscholastic League will convene at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday, January 19 via teleconference to determine the eligibility of student-athletes and determine rules violations. It will be available Live on the UIL...
  17. granger

    Congrats to Vance Jones!!

    I think there's a lot going on out there and nobody except those directly involved know there's some feeling that the optics of the trophy being on the ground are bad. a) Not sure of when the trophy has to be treated like the flag and cannot be on the ground. b) also had heard that something...
  18. granger

    Alan Barber Passes Away

    As I drove to Dallas Tuesday to broadcast the game, I smiled to myself when I saw the Tokio Rd exit, remembering all the times you guys had there.
  19. granger

    Opponents refuse to play on Colorado team's field

    Opponents refuse to play on Branson’s hardscrabble football field. Now the town needs a(nother) miracle. The athletic field at the far northeast corner of Branson’s town limits had sat mostly idle since the 1980s, when it was last used for baseball and still held memories as home to a 1967 high...
  20. granger

    It is official! The game is afoot!

    No video anywhere but Fox SW/OK...