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    Is this number 5?

    This is very entertaining! Keep it coming, it usually gets a little boring after the season is over.🍿
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    Way Too Early Preseason POLL

    What region are you from I wonder? Ha , I agree though those teams will be good again.
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    Onside kicks and high score games.

    You mean 4 or 5 plays to score instead of 1 or 2. Lol.....if a team is kicking deep its because a coach trust his defense is better than opponents or the opposing team has some serious return threats. Though MC lost, check out the average kick return yards by their players in the first half...
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    Westbrook vs May

    You ever notice the Texas map on election night? Its like a sea of red with a few blue dots. One of those blue dots being in DFW, coincidentally the same 3 letters to start your user name. Though I can't be certain. You may not have much in common with the "good ol boys" on this site. LETS GO...
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    Possible realignment movement

    10-4. Evidently common. Regardless... Time for crowded field at Water Valley.
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    Possible realignment movement

    SC not that I know of but maybe. Eden has an adult detention center but not even relevant to this topic. I probably shouldn't have used the word criminals. The kids being housed at the San Angelo State School facility are special needs, abandoned, hardships, etc. and under care of the State of...
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    Possible realignment movement

    Agreed. If that's the case and I bet it is, greed has impacted there community. I don't know and hate speculating, just sad to see the classification movement. At the end of day kids are getting a good education at Water Valley. Its a quality school and always has been.
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    Who could or should add football

    Folks are just discussing history. Why are you always looking for an argument? And no need to reply because I will not give you one.
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    2021 Round 1 Playoffs Pick-Em

    Prediction time. I'm thinking this year's State Championship games at both D1 and D2 are going to be phenomenal. May vs Westbrook - Game comes down to the last seconds on the clock, either defending a lead for the win or getting the go ahead score to win. Westbrook is probably the tougher more...
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    Possible realignment movement

    Some of these places discussed may be private facilities. No State Funding so wouldn't impact a school enrollment numbers. The following are examples of State schools that impact the district they reside in. Denton State School Mexia State School San Angelo State School (25 miles North of San...
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    Strawn vs Richland springs the game we all wanted

    You do realize there are a lot of neutral fans at these games, actually all high school football this late in the season. They are typically quite, and have no skin in the game. They just love high school football and appreciate the talent and skill of these young men, regardless of team.
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    2021 Round 1 Playoffs Pick-Em

    State Finals round. I believe without a doubt that either team could win in both divisions.
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    RED AND BLACK for the title

    PM me please...interested to see if your comfortable enough with that 30+ with a small (or big) wager?
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    RED AND BLACK for the title

    In the process of replying when you did. I was pretty sure WB lost 2 during the WV game that were still out the next week against Strawn? Didn't y'all loose 1 more during that game for a total of 3 starters on the sideline? Devastating! I know this an MC-Strawn thread. But the Westbrook schedule...
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    I meant to say 34....:LOL: Congratulations Westbrook.
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    Freshman Rigdon at Strawn

    Not 100% confident here, but I believe I seen TE in his very first playoff game. Bi-district against WV in Water Valley for some reason. Extremely cold night. 46-0 RS and it was evident the kid was going to set and break records. Sounds like another phenom has took the stage. Congrats to all the...
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    Westbrook by 45
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    “Rumor” regarding the playoff team

    Though this don't sound good. This isn't the place. Hey Mike, thread shut in may not suffice. How about removal?
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    2021 Round 1 Playoffs Pick-Em

    D1 Westbrook by 45 over Happy May by 10 over Abbott D2 Motley County by 45 over Klondike Strawn by 6 over Richland Springs