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  1. Mike

    Highest Scoring Games

    After yesterday's addition of the highest scoring six-man football games page, @Leman Saunders let me know about a playlist on his Six-Man Films channel on YouTube that included many of the highest scoring games. So, just in case some of y'all would like to watch some of these shoot-outs...
  2. Mike

    UIL Legislative Council - June 14

    Looking at next week's UIL legislative council agenda, here are a few items I found most interesting: F. 1. e. - A proposal to allow 6th grade participation at the 1A level G. 1. a. - A proposal to prohibit freshmen athletes from participating in varsity competitions G. 1. c. - A proposal to...
  3. Mike

    Missing schedules

    So we're miles ahead of where we were last year, when I didn't get the ball rolling on things until mid-August, but I guess it's never a bad idea to start throwing out info on where we stand with team schedules. If you have any of these team's schedules, you can add the games from the team's...
  4. Mike

    Team schedule and score archives

    Just as an FYI, I've added an easier way to view team's schedule and scores archives. Rather than going week by week I've now added an "Archive" tab to all team's pages. Clicking that will allow you to browse past schedules and scores by year. Here's an example of what one of those pages looks...
  5. Mike

    Forum rules added/modified

    I'd like to kick this post off by quoting just a few portions from one of @granger's posts from less than two years ago... I'm not sure if there was an actual list of rules in the past, but I just wanted to take a bit to make everyone aware that, effective immediately, there is a new set of...
  6. Mike

    2022-24 Alignments

    Today's alignment updates on the TAPPS site have just been updated here as well.
  7. Mike

    2022-24 Alignments

    The TAPPS DII alignments on our site have just been updated to match today's update by TAPPS.
  8. Mike

    2022-24 Alignments

    I've just updated the alignments on our site to match today's update on the TAPPS site.
  9. Mike

    Weekly Map Updates

    I was just checking the weekly map for the Jayton Gridiron Classic and remember that I'd never even posted an update to this. Anyways, last year when there were multiple games at the same location in a given week, it would only show one of those games. I've updated the map so that this year...
  10. Mike

    COACHES: Please enter your DCTF information

    I was just notified that some coaches still haven't put their info in to DCTF. Here is a list of schools who HAVE NOT done so. Please, coaches, if your school is on this list, get in touch with Greg Tepper ( as soon as possible to find out how to get this info...
  11. Mike

    Open/filled prefixes added

    As I'm sure some of you may have noticed, we have now added thread prefixes that you can use to specify whether your thread is still "Open" or if it has been "Filled". These prefixes are available for use in both the Games Needed / Open Dates and Coaching Vacancies forums. The "Open" prefix is...
  12. Mike

    Summer Coaches Clinic in Wichita Falls

    I just received an email from someone who needs the dates for the summer coaches clinic in Wichita Falls. Does anyone know those dates, where I can look to find out, or who I might can ask?
  13. Mike

    Adding games to your schedule

    I've had a few folks who are confused as to how to add games to their schedule in this new format so I thought I'd take a minute to explain the process as best I can. The first thing you'll need to do is find your team's schedule. So, if you look in the main navigation menu there is a link to...
  14. Mike

    Lessons Learned in Six-Man Football

    I saw this posted on Facebook yesterday and I thought some of you might enjoy, and probably agree with it, too. It was written by Justin Acosta, who was a senior on the 2006 Northside state championship football team. He now owns and operates a body shop here in Vernon, and also has shops in...
  15. Mike

    UIL State Executive Committee to Meet (Strawn)

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AUSTIN, Texas — The State Executive Committee of the University Interscholastic League will convene for an emergency meeting at 9:00 a.m. Thursday, February 17th, via teleconference to determine the eligibility of student-athletes. It will be available Live on the UIL...
  16. Mike

    Playing with my new toy...

    So this week I finally got the ranking program converted to something I can understand a little more. I've been tweaking it here and there, using last year's starting point/games as a test, and I've gotta say, there isn't much that can be changed to make things end up much better. So far, the...
  17. Mike

    Team Logos

    Along with some of the other little changes I've been making here lately, I've also made it possible to add a team logo to the team pages. So, if you have a logo for a team that doesn't already have one, please get me a copy and I'll get it added to that team's pages. You can post them here...
  18. Mike

    Attention coaches

    One of the major changes I've been working on for next season is making it so that coaches will be able to add their schedules without the need for approval, as well as allowing coaches to make changes to their schedules directly (changing dates/times, opponents, locations, etc) even after the...
  19. Mike

    UIL Reclassification and Realignment Information

    AUSTIN— The biennial University Interscholastic League reclassification and realignment for the 2022-23 and 2023-24 school years will be released Thursday, Feb. 3 at 9:00 a.m. CST. The new alignments, established by enrollment figures submitted to the UIL by its member schools in October, will...
  20. Mike

    Thank You!

    I still have a bit to do to wrap this season up, like final rankings, but I just wanted to take a minute and thank you all for the support this season. It was certainly a bumpy ride, especially at first, but I think things really started to roll along a little better each week as the season went...