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    Start planning...2016 1A/6 Man State Championship Games.

    UIL announces schedule, ticket information for Texas high school football state title games Twelve state champions will be crowned December 14-17 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. by Greg Tepper "We’ve known since May that the Texas high school football state championships will be played at...
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    Brookesmith ISD: Closing or not?

    Brookesmith ISD: Closing or not? By Timothy Chipp of the Abilene Reporter News "Brookesmith Independent School District, in Brown County, could be closing at the end of the school year, according to a Texas Education Agency representative. According to the TEA, financial constraints are the...
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    Division 2-District 13 SCORES...

    2016 Class 1A Division 2 Dist. 13 Team Cherokee Lohn Richland Springs Rochelle
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    2016 Amherst Bulldogs.

    Amherst Bulldogs Team of The Week Week..Class.....Team..........Highlights ...3.......1A...Amherst.."The Bulldogs moved to 3-0 on the year with a resounding 59-14 mercy rule win over Hart."
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    2016 Cherokee Indians.

    Team of The Week Week..Class..Team Name..Highlights. ...2.......1A.....Cherokee...."Once a six-man power, the Indians look poised to return to their former power with a 72-24 win over Lometa."
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    (if I missed anyone listed, let me know,thanks..) David Kleban QB Houston Emery-Weiner JaQuan Thompson ATH Calvert Landon Roberts ATH Guthrie Melvion Pimpton WR Mount Calm Robert Robuck ATH Jonesboro REVEALED: 2016 Mr. Texas Football Player of the Year Watch List Dave Campbell's Texas...
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    2016 Richland Springs Coyotes.

    Top 26 storylines for 2016: No. 24 – Richland Springs: the greatest dynasty you’re not watching THE SEASON IS FAST APPROACHING, AND WE'RE GEARING UP BY COUNTING DOWN THE BIGGEST STORIES WE'LL BE WATCHING ALL. by Greg Tepper "Ask Texas high school football fans about the preeminent...
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    2016 Harrold Hornets...Olivia Perez. ... 21221.html Harrold girl comes to rescue to save football season. By Chance Baskerville HARROLD—"The tiny northwest Texas school district in Harrold is known for its independent streak — it was the first to allow teachers to carry concealed handguns...
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    2016 Gorman Panthers..1A 1 Region III District 11.

    1A 1 Region III District 11 High Expectations for Panthers By David Robinett |, Brianne Welch | "The Gorman Panthers are just a few weeks from starting their second season in 6-man football. Head coach Brent Williamson's team went undefeated in 2015 while...
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    2016 Hermleigh Cardinals.

    Lots of Changes for Hermleigh HERMLEIGH FIRST PRACTICE "6-man football started Monday morning as well, and the Hermleigh Cardinals are back at work. The Cardinals are coming off one of the best years in school history with a district championship and a run to the regional semifinals. This...
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    Shane Mallory...Coletyn King.

    Mallory, King play one more game together "Shane Mallory is on the move once again. The former state-championship-winning Throckmorton coach recently relocated to Union Hill, Mallory’s third stop in three years. But before he learns the nuances of East Texas six-man football, he’ll have a...
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    Longest 1A Playoff Droughts.

    Longest 6 Man Playoff Droughts. Longest 1A Playoff Droughts--(Updated thru the 2015 season). Class 1A Prairie Lea 1944 Wilson 1988 Marathon 1990 Bynum 1992 Higgins 1993 Haskell Paint Creek 1995 Covington 1997 Veribest NONE (since '98) Westbrook 2001 Morgan 2001...
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    2016 Final Lone Star Cup Standings.

    2016 Final Lone Star Cup Standings. Conference 1A 1. Happy 43 2. Abbott 40 3. Wink 39 4. Tilden McMullen County 38 5. Gail Borden County 35 6. Follett 34 6. Nazareth 34 8. Chireno 30 8. Coolidge 30 8. Cumby Miller Grove 30 8. Lipan 30 12. Bryson 28 12. Garden City 28 14. Barksdale...
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    Greatest Texas high school 1A football player..(VOTE).There. ... r-bracket/ DCTF March Madness: Greatest Texas high school football player bracket We love March Madness, but we also miss football, so we decided to go big and create an entertaining bracket of our own. by Texas Football Staff...
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    Longest Drive to play--Round Trip??

    Soooooooooooo as soon as your School completes their 2016-17 FB schedule, what is your longest drive to play a FB game.....Round Trip??
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    1A Stadium You Have To See..(DCTF)? ... o-believe/ LOOK: 10 Texas high school stadiums you have to see to believe. DCTF picks out 10 of the most unique, most amazing, most unbelievable Texas high school football stadiums. by Greg Tepper "There’s a mystique to Texas high school...
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    Whatta think ???

    So share your memories of your Coach of your 6-Man/1A sports who has now Retired ?? Share your any sports stories here! They need to know how she/he influenced you as an athlete now instead of "later!"
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    Whatta think ???????

    So share your memories of your Coach of your 6-Man/1A Football who has now Retired ?? Share your FootBall sports stories here! They need to know how Coach influenced you as an athlete now instead of "later!"
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    Most 1A Championships & Appearances.

    4 Championships Throckmorton-2005, 2011, 2012, 2014 3 Championships Borden County---------1997, 2008, 2009 Valera Panther Creek-1992, 1993, 2000 Cherokee----------------1973, 1975, 1978 2 Championships Garden City-2009, 2010 Strawn-------2003, 2008 Jayton-------1984, 1985 1...
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    Just thinking...who...1A Div. I.

    Just thinking...who...1A Div. I. I was looking to see which 1) 2016 1A-1 District had the most teams in the playoffs last year and 2) 2016 1A-1 District had the most teams in the Top 10 State last year...... 1) 2016 1A Div. I District Standings Realignment. ....District 5.......Rec...