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  1. Shad Kline

    2016 Brazos Bowl Broadcast

    We will be broadcasting the all star game, live from Knox City Texas. Possible halftime guest, Chad McGee!!!!!!
  2. Shad Kline

    Coaching Carousel

    Current as of 6/17/16 8AM School: Old coach:New coach: Status Head Football::: Aquilla +AD: Cory McAdams:Mark Weaver: Filled Blum +AD: John McFarlin:Cooper Thornhill: Filled Brookesmith +AD: David Donnell:Adam Cline: Filled Calvert: Wayne Ware:John Cherry: Filled Coolidge: Randy Jones:Wayne...
  3. Shad Kline

    Girls Basketball Playoffs

    I am looking to figure out which GIRLS teams are in the playoffs, since nobody else seems to have this info, I was hoping that you can help me out. I will list what I have and hopefully, somebody will have the info to help me fill in the blanks. Also, what I have may or may not be correct, so...
  4. Shad Kline

    Records Question

    I have been keeping up with several records and one of them is the current win streak. My question is this...... Is Richland Spring current win streak 15 or 13? The reason I ask is because RS has played and won 13 games since their last loss in the playoffs last season. They did however have 2...
  5. Shad Kline

    UIL Div I, Who and How

    I've put together a list of all DI teams that tells how they get in the playoffs or if they can't at all. I don't know all of the tie-breakers that each district lists, so there may be teams that are effectively eliminated, even if they tie it up, that I don't have listed as such. If you know...
  6. Shad Kline

    Who will it be?

    Ok, before games start being played, now that we have seen what some teams can do. Who is everyone's pick to make it to the playoffs. Some of these are pretty tough to pick. My picks, starting with DI District 1, winner first, runner up second. 1. Happy, Nazareth 2. Valley, Spur 3. Anton...
  7. Shad Kline


    Since this doesn't really belong on the Oakwood thread, I'll just answer this here. You have absolutely NO clue. Cowboy does so much more than you will ever know. He has put in more hours to promote the game than 99.9% of all six man fans. Yes, he is a fan and yes, he has opinions. But that...
  8. Shad Kline

    Stats, are they legit?

    I have been in several recent discussions on what makes a stat, or set of stats, legitimate. It is of my opinion (key word, opinion), that stats are legitimate if and when your varsity team plays as a varsity team against another team and there is a decisive outcome. Basically, if it goes on...
  9. Shad Kline

    STATE meet results

    Results can be found here ... /index.htm Team Standings - Girls (after 6 events) PlaceSchoolPoints 1Lometa18 2Follett12 Trent12 Ira12 Garden City12 Cross Plains12 7Tilden McMullen Co.10 Coolidge10 Calvert10 Nordheim10...
  10. Shad Kline

    Coach Boyd Lowry

    Coach Boyd Lowry, 90, passed away on Tuesday, March 11, 2014. He was a principal, coach, teacher and driver’s education instructor. He enjoyed working with kids for over 31 years of his life. He was inducted into the six-man coaches association hall of fame in 2001. He was also a WWII Air Force...
  11. Shad Kline

    Graduation Dates

    When is everyone graduating this year. Specifically I'm looking for which schools that graduate on June 6th.
  12. Shad Kline

    Former player/coach takes the stage.

    A former all-state player from Strawn and former coach at Gordon has made the move into the Texas Country music scene. Shane Mallory has released several singles including his latest song, "Burnin' down the highway". Which can be found at ... _news_item...
  13. Shad Kline

    AT&T Stadium - host with the most?

    Now that we have seen a 6-man game played at the all mighty "Jerry's World", what are your thought and opinions of the palace? Likes? Dislikes? Compared to Shotwell? Etc..... I absolutely had agrand time. I have been to many state championships, but this was my first time as a media person...
  14. Shad Kline

    Veterans from the six man world.

    Sound off fellow military men and women! Shad Kline, U.S. Navy, 1992-1998
  15. Shad Kline

    UIL Brackets

  16. Shad Kline

    UIL DII week 10 breakdown

    Region 1 District 1 Follett @ Lefors for the district trophy. Follett is ranked #1 in state on multiple polls and ranking systems. Lefors is also 2-0 in district play, and they are good. But are they Follett good? Follett 45 point favorites all around. Fort Elliott vs Higgins for 3rd...
  17. Shad Kline

    UIL DI week 10 breakdown

    Region 1 District 1 Happy and McLean have both clinched playoff spots coming out of this district. Happy has done so by scoring 178 points and only giving up 8 in 3 games. McLean has surpised everyone (except maybe the people from McLean) with two huge upset wins over Nazareth and Miami...
  18. Shad Kline

    UIL Div I & II Standings

    Every year I do standings on each district thread, its very time consuming, and I don't have that kind of time anymore. To save time, I'm gonna do them here, all at once.
  19. Shad Kline

    Baby Nolan

    I have been asked by a few around the six man community if our coach needed help and what they could do. Here is a link that you might find useful. I am proud to be a part of the six man community. We are neighbors, friends, family. We...
  20. Shad Kline

    Hornkeepers Rankings

    Yes, I was waiting on the Guru to post his first. I wanted to make sure I had the same teams he had. This is what I have for pre-season. And since I already know that you disagree with my rankings, you don't even have to tell me!!!! :-) (JK, I know you will anyway) 1 Dallas The Covenant 2...