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    TAPPS realignment?

    It is my understanding that Bulverde Bracken is moving back to sixman.
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    "Tight" Offenses

    What’s this tight offense that you speak of? 😂
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    Cut Blocks

    Can I get a clear cut explanation on what the boundaries are for cut blocking by RBs and WRs? I’ve been given at least 3 different explanations this season and none of them are consistent with the other.
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    Should have happened a couple years ago.
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    Any word on Round Rock Christian/Bracken?
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    Friends of Coach Uland

    Condolences and prayers to you and your family.
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    How do everyone's numbers look to start?
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    District Favorites

    Who are some of the District favorites coming into the season in each division?
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    Upcoming Season

    They are a 5A in basketball. I'm not sure about everything else.
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    Upcoming Season

    It's crazy to see Carrollton Prince of Peace on this list. When I was at High Island ISD, we opened the season with Pasadena First Baptist the year before they were moving to 11-man. I know Legacy had been struggling with numbers over the years, so it doesn't surprise me to see them make the move.
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    Upcoming Season

    Good morning Coaches. It's great to see this site back up and running. I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone the best this season. Hopefully the conversations will pick up on the private school side here.
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    Time For a Comeback!

    Super excited to see this site back up. I've missed it.
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    Major Change Coming (a roadmap)

    It's great to see this back up. Thanks for the updates.
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    New privates in the 6 man ranks

    It stuns me to see Prince of Peace playing six-man football. When I was coaching up in Dallas, POP was a big program. Times have changed.
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    Thoughts on Coach Lee to aquilla?

    Hopefully an actual professional who cares about kids, building a program and doing things the right way. This whole situation is embarrassing to our profession.
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    Former Six-Man QB excelling in college

    I know I’m biased with this but former High Island QB Zach Bronkhorst is excelling as the starting QB at D2 Angelo State University. ASU played an abbreviated season last fall and Bronkhorst led the Rams to a 2-2 record with one of the wins coming against D1 Abilene Christian and had them in the...
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    Aquilla ISD Athletic Director / Head Football Coach

    I’m not sure that’s how this work Chris...
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    Chris Kuykendall passes away

    Absolutely breaks my heart. Chris was such an awesome man and I really enjoyed getting to know him and our many conversations. He will sorely missed. Prayers and condolences to his family.
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    Coaching Carousel 2020

    Prairie Lea hired Dewey Hargraves