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    Week 7 - Notable Games

    Aquilla vs Abbott Crowell vs Milford Follett vs Sterling City (I’ll be at this one) Bonus: Lorenzo (6-0) vs Lubbock Titans (6-0) I’m sure I am missing some! Please add more games you expect to be competitive matchups!!
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    National Anthem Protest

    Just out of curiosity, what are you guys and gals opinions on players and teams kneeling and etc. during the national anthem? Have any sixman teams decided to protest the national anthem?
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    2017 Preseason Top 10

    2016 is over and the champions were crowned in December. Congrats to all Coyotes around Texas, I can sure hear y'all howlin! Next season couldn't get here faster as I'm sure we all love our Friday Night Lights! So to spicen things up a bit, would anybody like to share their insight on their...
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    Landon Roberts Injury

    So does anyone on here know the status of Landon Roberts of Guthrie? I know he was injured in the Petersburg game and he missed a few other games? Is he supposed to return soon? Tough to see such a phenomenal back suffer an injury and the team go through some struggles.