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    Radio and Booth Video State Game Broadcasts

    Texas Sports Broadcasting will be broadcasting all 12 State Games as well as a booth view video broadcast in the Texas Sports Broadcasting Facebook page. We would love to have you tune in! Listen here:
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    Strawn vs Motley County Predictions?

    Hear all 12 State Games here. Or search Texas Sports Broadcasting on Facebook for our booth video broadcast
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    Westbrook vs May

    Hear all 12 State Games here. Or watch the booth broadcast on the Texas Sports Broadcasting Facebook page!
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    UIL State games Broadcast

    We will be covering all 12 games
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    6A Boys State Championship

    If anyone would like to tune in to the 6a boys state basketball championship between Duncanville and Westlake, Texas Sports Broadcasting will have the call at 7 tonight... Listen here:
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    Slidell vs Texline

    Thank you, it was a very fun game to broadcast! Texline was up big headed to the 4th, then Slidell went on a big run to pull ahead toward the end. And with seconds left, Texline's Will Luther drove it the entire court for a pull up 3 with seconds left, giving the Tornadoes the 1 point victory...
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    Slidell vs Texline

    Hear all the action from the boys 1a state championship between Texline and Slidell with the TSB Network! Tipoff at 10 am! just click the link:
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    Boys 1A State Basketball Final

    Listen to the Boys Basketball State Championship between Slidell and Texline at 10 am tomorrow right here:
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    State Basketball

    Hear the girls 2a, 4A, and 6a right here
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    Texas Sports Broadcasting Basketball

    Listen to some district basketball here: Borden Co (Girls #24; Boys #11) vs Grady BC Broadcast: Grady Broadcast: Sands (Girls #10; Boys #25) vs Midland TLCA
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    Sixman D 2 State Broadcast

    Listen here
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    d2 State champs game

    Live streams will also be heard at
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    Listen to the UIL State Championship Games

    Yes sir I will still cover that game today
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    Listen to the UIL State Championship Games

    Listen to all UIL State Championship Football Games for free on Texas Sports Broadcasting! Just search for us on the free Mixlr App or click the following link:
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    Hear ALL 8 State Games!

    Not everyone has FoxSports Southwest or a TV in front of them on a weekday
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    Hear ALL 8 State Games!

    The Texas Sports Broadcasting Network will be broadcasting all 8 State Championship games! Be sure to follow our page and listen here:
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    sterling city vs. borden county

    Agreed. I want to make it clear that I'm not taking anything away from SC. They deserve to be #1. I was impressed with how BC played them. With how SC came back they deserved and earned that win. But you hit the nail on the head. When the game is on the line, refs shouldn't nit pick...
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    sterling city vs. borden county

    It was just a lead blocker for SC and they called it targeting. Same goes for cutting rules. Every single crew has called that differently all season long. It needs to be consistent. SC played great defense in the second half. Hats off to them on a great comeback. But let the kids play when the...
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    sterling city vs. borden county

    You watched the stream, which doesn't give the same view we had in the box or our sideline reporter had.