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    2021 D2 District 16 Battle

    This year district 16 has four teams that could hold their own in about any district in the state. Rochelle, Cherokee, Richland Springs, and Mullin are all pretty salty! Too bad only two will make the playoffs.
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    End Of School Year Predictions

    I would like to see what predictions are out there for next season’s top teams, both Divisions.
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    Last Chance!

    Today is the last day for each of us to go to the polls and vote in this most important election of our lifetime! This is the time to decide whether we keep our American way of life, or turn this great nation over to the Communists. If they win, there will never be another meaningful election...
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    Tragic Loss for Guthrie

    We should all remember the Guthrie community and team in our prayers for the loss of the senior player to the heat stroke. So sad.
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    15 - 0 without playing a down?

    Could a scenario like that happen this year? Correct me if I am wrong, but the way I am understanding uil rules is that if one team member tests positive for the Wuhan virus, the entire team is quarantined for two weeks and would have to forfeit the next two games. The way I am seeing it is that...
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    TSMCA Update

    I was checking out the website today and see that the last update was in January 2018, except for having the D1 All State team added recently. Will it be updated soon? Tony probably gets paid a huge stipend to take care of this! Lol
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    The Undefeated

    Only 2 teams (UIL) remain undefeated. There is the possibility that one will remain. Who will it be?
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    2019 D2 District 16 Championship game

    I've been patiently waiting for someone (6manonly especially) to chime in on this subject. I would think that there would be someone wanting to post their support for the Rochelle Hornets in the game for the District Championship, and to get the dialogue started! I understand that KNEL Brady...
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    What are the ODDS?

    What are the odds that Leakey will defeat Kerrville OLH by the score of 46 - 0?
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    Strawn - Milford

    Looking forward to the Strawn Milford matchup next week Both teams seem to be down a little from last year's levels, so I predict it to be a close game and decided in the last few minutes of the game. Strawn will have three weeks straight of tough matchups. IMO
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    Officiating 2019

    I wasn't going to say anything about officials since they are an endangered species nowadays, but after I watched the game on Friday night, the more I thought about it I just had to say something. I suppose they are so in need for anyone who wants to wear a striped shirt they will just take...
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    How good can a team be?

    When you are picked to win but are not even fielding a team, that is pretty awesome! I see that Lohn is picked over Rising Star. (How is that fsca? I used different wording just for you.)
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    It was reported tonight that the Richland Springs Coyotes have now won 17 straight District Championships, and have won 73 straight District games. Are either or both of these feats a record?
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    Ft. Worth THESA scores?

    Question: Why are the Ft. Worth THESA scores showing to be forfeits with scores of 0-1? Except for their last two.
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    2018 Division 1 East Semi Finals

    Yes, that is correct. You heard it here first! Milford and Union Hill battle it out for the right to advance to ATT stadium to play for the 2018 Sixman Division 1 State Championship!
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    I've never seen such a surge in the rankings. There must have been some kind of major adjustment in the gearbox of the TOY! Heck, one team came up over 131 points!
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    6 or 8 team Districts

    Is anyone lobbying the UIL for 6 or 8 team districts for the next realignment? That would surely solve a lot of the scheduling problems.
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    Question about Statistical Leaders??

    Should the better teams try to extend their games to the full four quarters of play to get the stats up for the better players in the six-man game, so they receive the attention that they deserve?
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    2017 Toy's Accuracy?

    Can the Toy do it again in 2017? For 2016 Pre-season, the toy picked the exact top two in each division that would meet in the State Championship, and the order in which they would finish. Totally amazing! Even more so if it can do it two years in a row.
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    San Saba County Championship Game

    Well folks, it is that time of year again! The San Saba County Championship is on the line this Friday night in Richland Springs. The Cherokee Indians and the Richland Springs Coyotes are tied for first place in District play and the winner of this game will be the 2016 District Champions! The...