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  1. 6manfanNate

    Rigdon To Benjamin

    Grayson Rigdon will be wearing a Benjamin Mustangs helmet in 2022.
  2. 6manfanNate

    Amazing Video Quality

    Groom and Rankin have awesome websites that they live stream football games on. Do y’all know of any other D1 or D2 school that have the same type quality, not including Facebook streams?
  3. 6manfanNate

    Post week 7 video links please

    If you know of any 6 man teams that do a live video broadcast can you please post the links here. I know that Rankin, Anton and Groom all Have live video broadcast and I have those links.
  4. 6manfanNate

    Thank You Rankin

    Didn’t Get to see any live action this weekend but did watch the Rankin / Calvert game online. I have to say the stream was amazing quality and really cool to be able to watch a live 6-man game. Rankin was by far the better team but with a few less mistakes by Calvert the game would’ve been much...