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    Basketball Phenom??

    Gigemsooners has to be a Rigdon. I first hand witnessed Daddy Rigdon and Sons melt down in a basketball game. Although RS hand are defiantly not clean trying to make the Rigdons the innocent victim is laughable! BTW what does someones political affiliation have to do with old...
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    Basketball Phenom??

    maybe...just maybe, sports arent everything.
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    Basketball Phenom??

    Class act? You got to be kidding me...there has been enough stories on here alone to disprove that statement. If you need more, a little google search will clear that right up.
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    Why are you blocking me?

    OMG This guy! Embarrassing!
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    Tread lightly

    So what your saying FCSA is your are really really loving this!!
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    paducah upset over white deer??

    FCSA always has an opinion about everyone...whats that saying about a glass house and a rock>?
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    I done keep hearin’ sumthin

    From all the stories being told I think the Rigdons are lucky they still have a job.
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    Week 3 Predictions? Upsets?

    Milford by 45...Oakwood has 1 stud back...lost everyone else.
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    2019 Preseason Rankings

    FCSA thinks he knows everything about everything...and he talks crap about people and talks about "whiny" liberals on here but he is known to threaten coaches to take his team and walk off the field if you start to 45 him lol. Ive also seen him threaten physical harm to people on
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    Coaching Carousel

    I think the Parham kid will be a big loss for far the best defensive player on their team and a great blocker. Talking to some Valley people they seem to not be too worried about losing them. Im more excited to watch the Coach Burkhart vs Coach Rigdon bowl! Anyone want to start a...
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    Coaching Carousel

    I've seen several times a team was up 30 and end up losing. Why risk that, why risk injuries? Teams that are getting whooped tend to start playing yea let's put in our young guys to get hurt. 9 x out of 10 the other team isnt going to put in there other kids to play your younger...
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    Coaching Carousel

    Its funny how both schools dont realize or want to admit they are a circus...embarrassing!! Atleast it entertains the rest of us during the offseason!
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    Richland Springs Scrimmage and Week 2 Game.

    Way to stay classy and kick the last coach once again....I doubt the he cancelled games as he was leaving. lol Is it possible that teams didnt want to play the New Coach?