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    D-2 Title contenders

    Benjamin used to be a respectable outfit. Never really good at much, but still respectable. Honestly, probably should have shut down 15 years ago but they managed their money extremely well and have managed to survive. So if they want to sell their souls for a chance at a title, so be it.
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    Whiteface vs Valley

    My apologies. Got whiteface and white deer mixed up.
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    Whiteface vs Valley

    Can’t support a team if you don’t support it’s leader.
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    Whiteface vs Valley

    Change your screen name.
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    Best of Week 4 March ups

    Battle of the bulldogs! My money is on the orange and black.
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    Any chance you can post the full list of 148. There are several guys who have been at the same school for several years that I would like to see data on.
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    In my opinion the 2000’s was one of the best decades the game of Six-man has ever seen. I would like to hear some of your takes on an all decade team for this period. Qb- Spread back- Rb- Rb- Line- Line- Line- Utility back- Defense- Top 8 Best teams of the decade- Top 5 Best Coaches of the...
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    Congratulations RS

    You opened your kids up to this when you got rid of Coach Waters and went after hired guns.
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    Roby & Rotan consolidation talks

    Maybe if he could have brought his quarterbacks and coaches with him... still a BIG maybe.
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    Top players in school history

    I didn't know the Hardy kid or his family it all. Just know he played with 6 of the guys on the list and I'd take him over a couple of them. Obviously Throckmorton fans that saw more then 3 or 4 games a year would have a better take on it.
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    Top players in school history

    Taylor Hardy would have to be considered for this list. Kid was an absolute force on offense and defense. Since If you're talking strictly six man players I think you have to consider Cole Martinson and Joe Davis as well.
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    Top players in school history

    That is correct. Rule was defeated by Big Sandy in the 72 State game. Art Briles VS. Former Bears Coach Lovie Smith. Rule didn't start playing 6 man until the 82 season. My list was strictly six man players. If you count the 11 man guys it would look a lot different.
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    Top players in school history

    Rule ISD- Top 10 six man players 1. Emery Dudensing 2. Jody Harvey 3. Cj Saucedo 4. Stephen Pace 5. Keith Vanderbilt 6. Kolt Kittley 7.Cody Tibbits 8. Brian Lehrmann 9. Kade Kittley 10. Jay Louder
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    Milford is the greatest show on turf. I'd bet my tooth on it.