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    On the move

    John York is the new coach at Paducah. Had good results at Follett and Water Valley. He'll have a lot of talent to work with.
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    Patton Springs just ran out of bodies. I don't know about anyone else.
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    Paducah @ Petersburg

    Not so sure that the lateral wasn't a forward pass, but it was pretty cool to see it work in a game. 1st time ever for me to see it actually work.
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    Week 8

    Kress had something like 5 people in the stands at the Paducah game. Felt bad for their team.
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    Games on DVD?

    Keep your head down and when in doubt, empty the magazine. Semper Fi brother - I'm USMC Retired with stops in Bagram, J'Bad, A'bad, Bamian, and the dam.
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    Paducah vs Matador

    You got beat 107-68 on Homecoming. It was a three point game at the half. MC managed to put 18 points on the board after the half while Paducah put 54 on the board.
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    After Tonight...

    Paducah won 107-68. It was 65-50 Paducah at the half. The Matadors played well, I just don't know what happened. They never gave up and fought the good fight. I will say that both teams exhibited outstanding sportsmanship towards each other.