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    Battle of 11 man football is a six man game

    Waco Live Oak used a direct snap to the QB about a third of the time the last two years and won state both years. Bailey had a great arm and was pretty good at getting away from trouble in the backfield. They did it a lot against Plainview Christian in the final last year and Bailey had 6...
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    Private school best of all time

    Either of the Hill brothers from Live Oak. The older brother (Calvin) graduated in 2015. Could play any position. Pretty much unstoppable (walked on at Baylor and played in several games). Younger brother (Chase) is a senior on this year's team and is almost a carbon copy. The Baileys from...
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    TAPPS 2017 Finals

    Missed 1st two games but 7:00 game was fun to watch. Bracken came to play and they were good but no match for the talent on either side of the ball for Live Oak. QB for Live Oak (#1 Bailey) was a machine. I think he hit his 1st 8 without a miss. Mostly short to mid range passes. Had a couple of...
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    TAPPS 2017 Finals

    More interesting info. The Waco paper wrote up a story about the Bulverde-Live Oak game (found it online). Bukverde has 2 powerful running backs with 38 TDs between them (they run a tight offense with lots of misdirection plays). Live Oak has 3 or 4 running backs who rotate but their senior...
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    TAPPS 2017 Finals

    Interesting info. Watched video of Bracken beating Fredricksburg. The difference in that game was 4 interceptions thrown by Fredricksburg (and 1 fumble). Looking at stats, Waco's QB has only thrown 3 INTs all year (and has 17 TDs in the playoffs alone). If the cold weather doesn't make people...
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    TAPPS 2017 Finals

    Seguin should have no trouble winning it all. Veritas is tougher than most people think and will win it over Dallas Lutheran by 14. Live Oak is peaking at the perfect time and will win by 17.
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    Top 5 best coaches

    Doing the most with less is a HUGE plus in my book. Some of the private school coaches take academic kids and make tough ballplayers out of them. More importantly, they often do it while holding down full time jobs elsewhere. Barker at Live Oak in Waco is a case in point but I'm sure there...
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    TAPPS D2 and D3 Semis

    Agree that Live Oak will easily handle Plainview. The Fredricksburg/Bulverde game would be the one to see this week. In the final, I see Live Oak vs. Bulverde. Live Oak is finally healthy and has all players back. As long as #1 (QB) and #2 (spreadback) don't get injured they should win by 10.
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    playoff brackets

    The south bracket really does look like a killer. Should be some great football. Live Oak has looked stronger as the season has progressed. They are still missing two important seniors but one may get back on the field soon (the other is out for the year). The QB was out for 2 games earlier...
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    playoff brackets

    I think Greenville is playing Live Oak in Waco so I suspect the game will be at the home field for whoever has the better district record.
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    New Braunfels definitely outplayed Live Oak. However the NB player was ejected for an obvious foul, nothing bogus about it. LO played most of the game without their senior QB who was tackled then stepped on by #33 for NB in a pretty low class move. That made LO's #2 (their best player by far)...
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    Looking forward to 2016

    Only team I can comment on is Live Oak. Losing 3 great seniors to graduation in Bailey, Holmes, and Moffatt. That happens every year in 6-man, though. Several starters returning though and an awesome sophomore class should step up. Defense looks pretty strong. Howton will return as a DB on 1...
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    Best game to watch this week??

    Waco Live Oak at Dallas Inspired Vision. Both are #1 in their divisions I think. Should be a good matchup and it's right in Dallas so easy to get a bite to eat afterward.