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    Coaching Carousel

    Milford will NOT win a state championship next year, mark my words. You heard it here first.
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    2018 DI All-State Teams

    I thought after Milford was bent over by McLean that the Milford bunch would shut up, but you can wish in one hand and crap in the other... a stellar state game performance doesn’t entitle a player to an all-state honor, while Milford has a solid bunch of athletes I don’t think they got...
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    PLAYOFF FINAL SCORES ONLY -- Nov 22-24 2018

    Jayton 68 Blackwell 18 Final
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    I see Blackwell winning the West, while MC and Jayton are solid teams that will give them a run, Blackwell has a lot of talent... that being said, Balmorhea is a true sleeper team! How bout that stinging loss they handed SC last week!
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    PLAYOFF FINAL SCORES ONLY -- Nov 15-17 2018

    Aspermont 84 Paducah 55 Final
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    The Rematch! Strawn V Milford

    For two seasons all we have heard is Milford this and Milford that, well it’s time we see them at Jerry’s World, they have yet to live up to the hype that MilfordInsider has put on them.
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    On the move

    If Milford produces the best 1A athletes then why weren’t they at Jerry’s World last year??
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    On the move

    A lot of folks don’t understand the importance of the community backing a coach. Whether a coach chooses to leave or stay really depends on the community behind them. I think that it is somewhat of a small-town problem. A lot of people are in the coaches ear as well as the school board. You...
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    Alignment proposal to the UIL

    I agree^ but are you saying that Avinger wasn’t a playoff team? I watched the final game. They were a pretty talented bunch IMO
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    Trent Basketball Open Dates

    Have you tried contacting the local resthome?
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    how do I?

    You’re on to something now...
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    how do I?

    Is this becoming the revamped Newby thread?
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    OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: 2017 D2 Balmorhea v Strawn

    Anybody know what MIS means on Strawns jerseys?
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    25 Days of Champions -- 1987 Lohn

    I can confirm that Covington did in fact have some type of oil on his jersey!
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    SCORES - PLAYOFF WEEK 2 - Nov 23-25

    My bad... I thought I was posting on the partials page.