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    last week of the regular season

    White deer did beat Milford so I tip my hat to them for that win. I guess having 4 starters out in that game wouldn’t have made a difference in your mind. It isn’t an excuse, it is reality. If Milford played wd now the game would have been completely different.
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    last week of the regular season

    How is Avalon an upset when the line is Avalon by 10?
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    Milford vs Avalon

    What are everyone’s thoughts?
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    What’s happening in Milford

    That’s all Milford heard last year, they would get destroyed in state, their offense couldn’t match up with mcleans physical style. The game would be over at half. Let’s see how things go in the playoffs.
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    What’s happening in Milford

    It looks like Milford made a statement tonight with a dominate win over coolage. That #10 had a great game tonight.
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    Leakey vs Nueces Canyon

    Look at Milford schedule compared to Avalon. Who has Avalon played? Milford plays top 10 teams every week. I will stay with Milford winning the district.
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    Milford over Calvert in overtime 36-30.
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    2019 D1 State Champions

    No making the playoffs? What other team can lose their qb and running back then lose another receiver and o lineman during the game and stay within 16 points of the number one team and 2 time state champs? Most should be healthy in a couple of weeks, don’t worry about Milford, they will make the...
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    Crazy night of football

    How abo in Milford where the kicker an X-ray point and at fist said no good. After the refs talked they sad good. At halftime the officials took the pons off the board and said it wasn’t good. You would think t would be pretty easy to judge a kick good or not.
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    2018 DI All-State Teams

    Damyan always works hard but will not get bigger, he is excellent in basketball and has been to state in track both years so far and I expect him to be there again this year. Track is his real love so putting on football weight would hamper his speed.
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    The debate is over

    The only games this team has lost to in the last 4 years all won state championships. That is incredible to think about.
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    2018 DI All-State Teams

    Excuses? Watch the state game, on the 52 yard td that was a 5 yard pass and both the Crockett and the defensive mvp had an angle on him but neither touched him, he flat out ran them. He had 4 int in 6 games in the regular season and 6 in the playoffs. Name another kid who had 4 int in a...
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    2018 DI All-State Teams

    Damyan woodward from Milford. He had 10 interceptions and caught 3 tds against Melaney in the state championship.
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    2018 DI All-State Teams

    Man, 10 interceptions on the year and scoring 3 tds in the state game against McLean and doesn’t even get an honorable mention?
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    McClean, Milford and Instant Replayi

    I have a great respect for officials, especially in six man where action is going of all over the field. The only reason to keep this going is I have been told so many different things about this play and while old, I still believe my eyes. In my mind they both had the ball on the ground, it...