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    Newcastle open date

    Newcastle needs week 1 and week 4. Julian Menchaca 940-224-1947
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    Lubbock Titans Looking For Games

    Newcastle is looking for week 7 if interested in finding a neutral location. Julian Menchaca
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    Newcastle 6 on 6

    Newcastle will be hosting 6 on 6 on May 1st. This will included incoming 9th through 12th. Guaranteed 3 games If interested please let me know
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    Newcastle 10/8

    Due to cancellation looking to fill a varsity and jh game on 10/8 or 10/9. 940-224-1947 Thanks
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    Newcastle JH 11/5

    Newcastle is looking for a JH game on 11/5 . Can be home or away. Please contact me at 940-224-1947 or
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    EMERGENCY: I need schedule updates

    Newcastle vs Lubbock Titans in Aspermont 7:30 9-24-2020
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    9-25-2020 NEWCASTLE GAME

    Due to cancellation we are looking for a game on Friday 9-25-2020, Home, away or neutral . Thanks Julian Menchaca 940-224-1947
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    Newcastle Basketball

    Dates Needed January 5th Boys and girls January 8th and 12th boys only Contact Coach Archer
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    Week 1

    Newcastle is looking to fill week 1 home or away. If interested contact me at: 940-224-1947
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    1st scrimmage

    Looking to join a 1st scrimmage.If anyone has an opening please let me know. 940-224-1947 Thanks Coach Menchaca
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    Basketball Game

    Newcastle is looking for a boys basketball game friday 12/6 If interested please contact me Julian Menchaca 940-224-1947
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    Newcastle JV Football game 10/17 or 11/7

    Looking for JV football games on 10/17 or 11/7. Games can be home or away 940-224-1947
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    Newcastle 6 on 6 june 15th

    As of right now we have Throckmorton Bryson St. Jo Knox City Aspermont Woodson
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    Newcastle Basketball

    Dec 17th and January 14th filled