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    COACHES: Please enter your DCTF information

    I had to do it online at
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    2022 Scheduling Preference

    We have quite a few Saturday games in Keene. You are welcome to come hang out with us
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    Abbott week 2 and scrimmage 2 needed

    JCSA is hosting a second scrimmage at Keene.
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    Teams need for Track Meet April 16th

    The Jeff Davis Memorial Invitational is being held on April 16th at Keene ISD. The meet is on and is now open for registration. Jeff was a long time Track coach at JCSA and TAIAO Conference Track Chairman. Coach Davis passed away last August. Trophies and medals will be awarded. If...
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    Garden City

    Prayers from Cleburne!!
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    Open Dates 2022

    JCSA in Cleburne has a few open dates for the upcoming year. We will be a young team after losing 7 seniors. Contact Jason Knight 2542660702 call/text
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    2022 Week 2 JH JV and V Football games needed

    JCSA in Cleburne needs a week 2 and week 10 game for next year. Might have one or two more openings. Text is easiest at 2542660702 Or email Coach Jason Knight
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    JV game needed this Friday

    JCSA in Cleburne is in need of a JV game this Friday. Willing to play small Varsity. Really need a game Coach Knight 2542660702
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    JCSA needs Girls and Boys Basketball Games

    JCSA has a handful of openings for Varsity and many openings for our JH. Boys and Girls Please contact Jason Knight 2542660702
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    JCSA JV needs Week 7 game

    Due to a cancellation, JCSA in Cleburne needs a JV game this week. We have field and refs lined up already for tomorrow or we can come and play on friday. We are willing to play a Varsity team as well. Please Contact Jason Knight 2542660702
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    Ranking by Divisions - Wrong Divisions

    Austin St Stephens Episcopal is TAIAO
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    Ranking by Divisions - Wrong Divisions

    Mesquite Founders Classical is also TAIAO
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    Ranking by Divisions - Wrong Divisions

    Tyler Kings Academy, Corpus Christi Arlington Heights, Gloria Deo are TAIAO
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    JH game week 2 or 10

    JCSA in Cleburne is needing a week 2 game. I have field and refs already reserved. Also need a week 10 please contact Jason Knight 2542660702
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    Games needed

    JCSA in Cleburne is in need of Weeks 4 JV home Weeks 7,9 JV home/ away Week 9 JH home/away Contact Coach Knight 2542660702